Town delivers sidewalk dog poop to owners in "lost property" boxes

A Spanish town called Brunete used volunteers to covertly identify people who had left their dog's shit on the public sidewalk (the volunteers chatted up the dog owners' about their dogs' breeds, this was cross-referenced against the register of dogs). The volunteers then packaged up the turds in a "lost property" box and returned them to the owners. 20 volunteers delivered 147 crap-o-grams and reported a 70 percent drop in public poop after the program ran (they did not disclose their methodology for calculating this).

On the one hand, this is funny. On the other hand, it's a sobering reminder of how trivially small pieces of seemingly innocuous information can be used to identify people. On the third hand, people who let their dogs crap on the sidewalk and don't pick it up are the worst human beings on Earth, and I join with Mark Thomas in calling for a law that requires people to wear any unclaimed turds as a mustache for a full day.

Spanish town posts dog mess back to offending hound owners (via Neatorama)


  1. More annoying than junk mail, more disgusting than utility bills, able to leap social irresponsibility in a single brownd, Its SUPERPOOPDELIVERYSERVICE!!!!

  2. I really love this idea. I live in a big city where far too many dog owners don´t give a crap (HAH!) about the minefields their pooches leave the side walks, in the parks, on playgrounds (yes, there are people so awfull that they use a sandbox as a doggy loo) etc., so this is something hopefully many cities will copy.
    Kudos to the people who came up with this!

  3. Use of the third hand approved. 

    Danes had a campaign a couple of decades ago where they planted little cocktail size Danish flags into dogpoo on the ground. It had an effect.

    1. Hmmmm… I wonder what would happen if I started planting little flags in the dog poo of this mostly Republican neighborhood.  Sounds like fun!  Thank you for the idea.

        1. We need fewer states, not more. We could mash together about a dozen states in the middle of nowhere, and the resulting superstate would still have fewer people than metropolitan LA.

  4. Dogs with high capacity bowels should be banned. Plain and simple. Nobody needs a dog that can shoot 2 pounders.

  5. I walk my two dogs nearly every day and pick up there droppings judiciously.  There has been more than one occasion when I’ve forgotten to grab a bag on the way out the door and been caught without when my dog took his dump.  Who the hell cares!? It’s not exactly the end of the world and it DOES break down very quickly.  For you anti-dog uppity twits who judge me I offer your a hearty FUCK YOU.

    1. Fuck you too, you entitled sack of shit, if you think it’s in any way okay to scatter shit all over a city, where everyone else has to deal with it, because: a)you want to own a dog even if you live in a city (which is fine, if you take responsibility for it), and b)you have an entitled mentality that everyone else should have to deal with the consequences of you refusing to take responsibility for your (totally unnecessary) dog.  If everyone with a dog had your attitude, there would be dogshit everywhere.  

      1. Beyond being just disgusting it’s also a favorite food of, and thus a propagator of urban rats. Beyond gross.

        Anti-dumb humans

    2. Don’t have a bag? You walk up to someone’s door, knock, and ask for a plastic bag. You get to clean up after your dog, and they appreciate you taking the effort to keep their block clean. As far as I know that’s how an adult would handle that situation.

      1. If only.  Even more annoying to me is the dog owner who picks up the crap, ties a little knot in the top, and somehow manages to “lose” the bag before they get home, leaving it in someone’s yard, on the sidewalk, or in the street gutter.  As though to say, ‘Look, I picked it up, but I am NOT finishing this walk with a bag of dog crap in the my hand.  Here, YOU take care of it.  I’ve already bagged it up for you.’

        There is some small merit in the argument that the poo eventually breaks down, this is true… but not when it’s sealed in plastic.  Talk about passive-aggressive.  ‘You can make me pick it, but you can’t make me take it home.’  Grrrrrrr.

        1. So true…those are worse than owners who don’t pick up at all. These full, tiny plastic bags are everywhere in my neighborhood. There is even a tree stump in the middle of a park with a pyramid of bags sitting on top of it.

    3. If we occasionally find ourselves needing to defecate and can’t find a toilet, I presume you don’t mind us taking a dump on your front doorstep. If by any chance you are one of those anti-human twits who judge us, then we return your proffered salutation with equal heartiness.

  6. I live in France where people just don’t give a shit about others and leave their dog shit all over the narrow sidewalks. I’ve had conversations with educated people who argue that to pick up the dog poop is degrading so they just don’t do it.

    I lose faith in humanity a little every time people say this…

  7. This reminds me that several years ago a local news show did a series about early detection of colon cancer. To promote the show and offer a service to the community they placed a small kit in the local paper for people to take a fecal sample and send it to the station for analysis (I swear this is absolutely true.) The kit was a piece of paper with an area marked for a smear of fecal matter. Then you would fold it up and toss it in the mail to be delivered to the station. 

    The post office was pissed. The workers there were disgusted by the smells and the state of the folded paper when they showed up to be sorted at the post office, many with more than a smear in the folded paper.

    1. I’ve had the same test, via the same mode of delivery, and even though the sample was triple-bagged (you’d have to have been, well, a bloodhound to have been able to smell anything, I think), it still grossed me out to do so. I’d bet that the people who sent in the more odiferous samples to your post office simply couldn’t follow directions. 

  8. I’ve pulled something similar on my teenage son, when he forgets to flush. In a nice loud voice: “Are you saving this crap for something special, or is it okay to flush?” Hoping one of these days he’s on the phone to a girlfriend…

  9. people who let their dogs crap on the sidewalk and don’t pick it up are the worst human beings on Earth

    Really? I reckon people who let their dogs assult and kill people are worse than that.

  10. a law that requires people to wear any unclaimed turds as a mustache for a full day.

    Not one dirty sanchez joke?  How disappointing.

  11. I don’t have dogs anymore, but when I did I would go to the local children’s football field once a week to walk them (normally I’d go to an area that was larger and more suitable for dogs). After a while I started taking a shopping bag with me, because I could fill it every week with the dog waste that had been left from the week before. There were people from the council who would come every month or two to clean up, but it was far too rare to make a difference. Obviously everyone should pick up after their own dogs, but given the fact that many don’t, other dog owners are equipped to solve the problem and can help their collective reputation by clearing up after the rest. Not saying it’s their responsibility or anything, just that it helps the community and it’s not such a big deal if you’re already going to be picking up one of two dog turds while you’re out.

  12. Stepping in dog poo is a  hazzard. Look where you walking.

    30 years ago…the concept you’d have to bag dog poo in plastic non-bio degradable bag would be laughed at as a joke.

    At parks there would be signs saying “curb you dog” meaning let them poop in the bushes or in the curb side gutter for parking, the dog poops where people don’t walk.
    You’re outside…there’s an animal poo hazzard. You’d get tickets if you let you dog poop on the grass where people walked.  Curbs and bushes where fine.

    Now, if someone will follow those evil, vicious, Canada Geese and pick up their poo..and perhaps make some ‘ribeye of the sky’ out of them that would be a good thing.

    1. 30 years ago, people also littered from their vehicles a lot more than they do today. You’re responsible for your behaviour and not cleaning up after your dogs’ business is both nasty and ecologically harmful.

      Besides which, walking may be a luxury for you but it’s a necessity for a lot of folks and they may not always be able to walk from one place to another during daylight hours. 

    2. 30 years ago…the concept you’d have to bag dog poo in plastic non-bio degradable bag would be laughed at as a joke.

      That’s the other reason Harvey Milk is rightfully remembered as a trailblazing hero.

  13.  Brilliant strategy.

    I, too, live in a ‘hood where some people are scrupulous RE picking up and some folks are just slobs.

    Mind you, in my area, there are a million shops that have plastic bags available, and some parks even give away poop bags.  There are also a zillion trash cans with surplus newspapers, etc.

    Even so, some folks just can’t be bothered.

    They deserve not just their own dogpiles but any un-identified piles.

  14. A byproduct of my, fairly mild, OCD I have what is sometimes deemed “tactile phobia” (I don’t like touching things in public, my hands feel dirty or dusty but I’m not a germaphobe) and as a consequence I tend to have around a half dozen nitrile gloves in my pockets nearly all the time (unless it’s winter, then I just tend to wear leather gloves) so I’m frequently tempted to air-mail a hot steamer right away to whomever I see leaving shit on the ground.

    I haven’t done it, yet, and I don’t even begin to think it’s a good idea or feasible for everyone to do; but there are those days when you’re already in a bad mood and that is just the cherry on top. But if you leave shit on the ground, particularly in someplace like a public park where I may want to sit or where children play then you deserve to have a wad of shit tossed on to you and I hope it gets in your mouth and ears.

    1. If you carry a dozen Nitrile Gloves with you at all times. Your OCD isn’t ‘mild’…and you should revisit or consider a new Doctor.

      1.  I would consider it mild because it does not prevent me from doing anything else or cause me any real inconvenience I don’t have panic attacks from touching things, I just dislike doing so, or avoid going places. I don’t have behaviors with light switches or the stove, etc.

        I used to wash my hands a lot (again, not germs my hands just felt dusty or dry/chapped) and I don’t have to or feel compelled to do that anymore.

        I think you should reconsider your career as an internet psychologist.

  15.  How about watching where you walk and try not to step in poo.

    And no..walking wasn’t a luxury for me. I walked…and walked through fields that had cattle. You think people should follow cows around and scoop up and bag their poop? a kid I spun out many times hitting a cow pie in the field on my banana bike.

    Animal Poop is a thing of life and it’s rather odd to remove it from the environment. You can walk if you want to—-just watch where you walk. There’s lots of poop you don’t step in Mr OCD.
    Again…the Signs in the parks and sidewalks “CURB YOUR DOG” where fine.

    1.  Fine for adults.  I regularly walk in an area where inconsiderate asshole dog owners like you do not feel compelled to clean up their own dog’s waste (I say so as a dog owner who just ties a couple of those little grocery store produce bags on my leash), and as an observant adult I cannot remember the last time I actually stepped in a dog-pie (though I do dodge them several times a day). 
      It’s quite a different story with small children.  My 2.5 year old has quite literally slipped in a large pile of dog shit that she didn’t see, smearing it up her leg and on her clothing.  So yeah, carrying a shit smeared, crying, small child ~1mi or so home…  If I had seen the dog owner that left that turd, well, I can honestly say I’ve never beaten someone to death before, but…

      1.  I don’t have a dog.

        Where and when did carrying plastic bags from grocery stores become ‘the thing’. Set your way machine to a place where there were no plastic bags..and people walked their dogs on the streets—and curbed their dogs.

        So you’re telling me…instead of having putting up with your snowflakes stepping in poop because they can’t walk where they’re going–everone with a dog will have to have carry a non-biodegradability plastic bag from the supper market.

        And then take a great lawn fertilizer  and bag it up and toss into a low oxygen landfill to encase it forever.
        You probably think of yourself as a ‘environmentalist’.

        “Oh yeah…lets encase dog poop in plastic and put in it landfills”.

        Instead of “Hey Kids…it’s a out for dog poop” or have a Dog Park where there’s poop city. Or have people ‘curb” their dogs on the side of the street.

        And then you’re actually using the threat of physical violence..because your kid steped in poop while in “Nature” .

        Hon…the first you might realize is that nature and outdoors is full of poop and not a shopping mall.
        Teach you kids to watch where they walk..and not to step on poop. Especially if they go to a place with cows.

        1. Teach you kids to watch where they walk..and not to step on poop.

          Euthanize all the dogs. Problem solved.


          Hon…the first you might realize is that nature and outdoors is full of poop and not a shopping mall.

          No non-livestock animal (with poop one might step in) lives in fixed locations as densely as humans/dogs do.  Calling urban dogs “natural” is highly misleading.

          Calling all that is outdoors “natural” is likewise fallacious and indicates the mistaken way the situation is being thought about.

          Show me another (non-livestock and Eris knows livestock feces poses a problem all its own) mammal who lives in vertical housing units which multiply the shit per square number.

          And then take a great lawn fertilizer  and bag it up and toss into a low oxygen landfill to encase it forever.
          You probably think of yourself as a ‘environmentalist’.

          You’re right.  The environmentally friendly thing to do is  deposit large amounts of feces in the gutter so it can wash untreated into the nearby streams.

        3. Someone who’s a little more rooted in some sort of consensus reality than you seem to be might come to the conclusion that the solution should be to find some more environmentally friendly way of disposing of dog excrement rather than your absurd little riff of “cows shit in the field, therefore dogs should be able to shit on my lawn.” 

        4. Do you use bathroom facilities when nature calls or do you just let your waste fall where it may?

    2.  What the fuck does a cow pasture have to do with a public park or greenspace?

      I’mma’ go out on a limb and guess that you’re either a massive bodybuilder or some kind of martial arts badass or you don’t act like such an entitled prick in public or you depend on the passivity of modern society a LOT or you’re spitting teeth a lot.

      People used to do all kinds of shit to despoil nature in ye olde’ days, like litter without a second thought and drive intoxicated and beat the fuck out of their kids. Now there are more and more people living in urban environments sharing increasingly diminished grass and parkland while outdoor pet ownership in these urban areas is at an all time high.

      While it does not take a genius to figure out that this means people should adapt by being more considerate it does apparently take more intellect than you have on hand at the moment.

      And while you have a point about plastic bags of shit going into landfills and while some folks may use plastic bags for shit scooping I see many more folks use easily available composteable poop bags, or even paper bags.

      And since you a) state you don’t even own a dog and b) don’t care about dogs shitting all over the place you have no dog in this fight (pun intended) anyhow so you’re just some contrarian looking for attention or some kind of prick. Seriously, you’re a prick. Maybe you’re just the sweetest guy in the world IRL, maybe being like this here helps with that like it’s some kind of therapy session for you but you just come off as a total prick.

  16. While I find irresponsible dog owners, well, irresponsible, wrong, and often uncaring,  I think that mailing feces to someone is worse. That is  seriously toxic medical waste, and Bad things can happen. There are much better ways of  IDing and handling irresponsible folk.

  17. Spain treats dogs horribly. Their treatment of Spanish greyhound racing dogs; (Galgos) is criminal. When a Galgo loses a race they are beaten. When a Galgo’s racing career is over because they’ve lost too many races, become injured or are too old run anymore (2 to 4 years of age). They are either thrown down empty wells, where they are either seriously injured or just break a leg and are left there to languish for days until they die. Or they are hung by their necks in trees just high enough for them to stand on their hind legs until they can’t any more. It is barbaric! I have seen several rescued Galgos and they are the sweetest dogs you have ever met.

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