Asami Ike's zero-gravity animal animation for Metome song

Japanese animator Asami Ike's animated video for Metome's "Paper Moon." It's from the album "Phreatic Surface" out now on the King Deluxe label.


  1. Another embedded Vimeo vid that’s unplayable by anyone running Flashblock on Firefox (as far as I can tell).

    What percentage of BB readers you reckon that might be?

    Direct link in addition to embedded vid would be nice.

    1. I’m running Flashblock 1.5.17, I have whitelisted and it’s working no problem.  I used to have to right-click on the flash screen to get the vimeo direct link because I couldn’t play the embedded vid directly.  So, it used to be more painful, but I’ve always managed to get something working.  If that helps.

      1. ZOMG, custom right-click options in a Flash video window!

        Who knew? I stopped trying to right-click em for win years ago.

        Thanks for the heads-up; I won’t bother with the whitelist.

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