Help transcribe ancient Egyptian texts


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  1. Carsten Agger says:

    There’s an issue with their licensing, I think. They rightly claim copyright over the images of the papyri, but then there’s this:

    The papyri themselves are owned by the Egypt Exploration Society, London. All rights reserved. 

    How can the text of a thousand of years old papyrus not be in the public domain, and how can they belong to anything less than the whole human race? The Imaging Papyri Project can rightly copyright the photos, but the Egypt Exploration Society simply can’t lay any claims to the content of the papyri once it’s known.

    • Paul Renault says:

      The texts are very likely public domain.

      The papyrii, on the other hand, belong to Egypt Exploration Society.

      • Carsten Agger says:

         Obviously! And very reasonably, of course. However, what I don’t like is their following that observation with “All rights reserved”. That seems to assert an ownership which goes beyond the physical papyri.

  2. Tribune says:

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