Petition: Obama, debate Edward Snowden


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  1. Chesterfield says:

    I’ll take “Things that will never happen” for 500, Alex.

  2. Casual_Economy says:

    I’d prefer to watch Obama debate BJ Snowden.

  3. blissfulight says:

    Obama has already finished debating himself, and Obama the greater of two evils won.

  4. hoop123 says:

    There has to be a more petition-worthy cause, or at the very least a more challenging debate rival than Snowden.  Can’t we get Binney or someone up there alongside Snowden, someone with some better credibility?  It’s maddening to watch nearly every major news outlet butcher the technical meaning of these (and prior) disclosures, and while I’m sure Snowden can hold his own in that regard, I’m not sure he has the zeal to out-talk Obama.. 

    • Maj Variola says:

      He is quite an intelligent speaker –the ‘spec forces’ are known for collecting the smart ones who can do things on their own.

      His opsec as reported is also excellent, no surprise.  You may not need to, but *he* should keep pulling that hood over the keyboard when entering passphrases.  Using crypto for authenticating himself is also SOP.

      Obama has recently been reduced to, “we told all the senators, and you folks all voted them in” the subtext of which is, “STFU we told the collaborators who y’all were dumb enough to vote in”.

      He takes orders from the same people as Bush did.

  5. John Lowry says:

    Instead of Snowden, how about Bruce Schneier?

  6. dioptase says:

    Anybody ask Snowden if he want to debate Obama for an hour?

  7. Maj Variola says:

    Can we petition to get BO to give his Nobel “Peace” Prize to Mr. Snowden?

    Anyone remember the “I read your email” bumper stickers from decades ago?
    Double-dare you to start selling them in the nearest gas station to Ft Meade.
    Or just put them on bumpers there, covertly…

  8. Jack Dowell says:

    I would point out that even if the petition gets the signatures, that doesn’t guarantee a response. A petition on Aaron Swartz got the signatures needed in early 2013, still hasn’t gotten a responce

  9. peregrinus says:

    I don’t get what the big deal is.  If you’re not thinking of doing anything wrong, surely there’s nothing to fear?


    • mattsmom says:

      You need to think ahead.  You may not be doing anything wrong right now, but who defines what WRONG is?  At some point, for example, it could be wrong to travel more than 5 miles from your home in any direction — for your own safety, of course.  It depends on who or what is in power and how they decide to restrict, direct, contain, or govern you.  An infrastructure like this is the perfect tool for the unscrupulous to abrogate our civil liberties.

      As far as keeping us safe is concerned, let’s face it — we would all be safe in a barbed-wire compound.  

  10. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Instead of a debate, how about letting them work it out in Thunderdome?

  11. vancouverrain says:

    What has Edward Snowden revealed that wasn’t already known years ago, when the story broke back in 2006? (Google USA Today: “NSA has massive database of Americans’ phone calls” or Wired: “AT&T Whistle-Blower’s Evidence”)

    Everyone’s championing Snowden as a hero without questioning whether his story holds up at all.

    • lafave says:

    • wrecksdart says:

      This.  Beginning at Congresscritter Issa’s utterly pointless jabs at Holder re: AP reporters, I’ve been wondering where all these high-falutin politicos were when news broke about the Terrorist Surveillance Program.  

  12. Kimmo says:

    Most of us who so liked the noises Obama made back in the day figured that anyone who could make the noises so well had to be a good guy.

    Now it’s obvious we were wrong, I still can’t figure out how anyone can make noises so true and good without giving a fuck what they mean.

  13. Vicq_Ruiz says:

    Given how poorly Obama does when his prepared speeches are taken away, I’m not sure he could effectively debate Marcel Marceau.

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