Saudi Arabia still tight-lipped on SARS-related virus with pandemic potential


7 Responses to “Saudi Arabia still tight-lipped on SARS-related virus with pandemic potential”

  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Does anyone have any idea why the Saudis are being so unhelpful about this? Is there some benefit for them that I’m not seeing?

  2. dejoh1 says:

    You must remember, these people are only a generation or two away from wedding 12-13 year old girls, oh wait, they still do.  A culture given too much, too soon.  One day riding camels, next day a Mercedes Benz.

  3. gornzilla says:

    I spent a year teaching in Saudi and an American friend who lived directly across from me came down with Dengue Fever (caught it in Thailand).  Saudi sent down their version of CDC fairly quickly once his doctor figured out what was wrong.  From how most of Saudi works, I don’t think they’re in a position to share much information. They do everything really half-assed.  Most Saudis don’t work and I’m sure the doctors in charge (probably South African, Egyptian and Jordanian) are doing what they can.  

  4. peregrinus says:

    I added Helen Branswell to my Twitter feed after reading about her here at BB.  The epidemiology of disease has long fascinated me, and she has a lucid, clear and natural approach to the whole thing.

    It is incredibly concerning.  Greater than 50% mortality.

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