Surveillance-oriented kids' book remixes

Twitter user Darth polled followers for satirical, surveillance-oriented kids' book parodies, and created illustrations for the best. They're collected by the Guardian.

NSA surveillance as told through classic children's books


  1. Is there a Hong Kong version, and we can look around for Ed in his hotel room or at his lawyer’s office or boarding an unmarked plane?

  2. Charlie and the Checkpoint Patdown

    Goodnight, Surveillance Camera

    Frog and Toad are Enemies of the State

    Are You There, NSA? It’s Me, Margaret.


  3. The 500 Charges Against Bartholomew Cubbins

    The Very Hungry Hunger Striker

    Oh, the Places You’ll Go (to Jail)!

    Curious George joins the NSA

    The Little Cyber-Engine That Could (Crack Passwords)

      1. I wonder if anyone under 55 even knows the original. That was our learn-to-read text in grammar school.

        1.  The grammar school that they kept you in chains and forced you to break rocks and respect the Man?

          1. Not at all, but we did have inkwells and civil war graffiti carved into our desks.

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