The Official Sophie Madeleine Ukulele Tab Book

Sophie Madeleine says:

"I'm very pleased to announce that you can now pre-order my Official Limited Edition Ukulele Tab Book. This is the first edition, limited to only 200 copies. Each one is numbered and signed by Sophie.

The front of the book is full tablature, chord boxes, lyrics, and melody notation. Then turn the book over and upside-down and there's a "Quick Chord Book" in the back - with lyrics and chord boxes for those who want a quick reference sheet. Take A Look!

Featuring 10 songs from Sophie's first two albums (all of the songs that feature the ukulele!)

I wrote it all by myself, and it took me a very long time indeed. I sincerely hope you like it!

More Sophie Madeleine music


  1. She’s so delightful!!!  Have  you heard her cover of the Magnetic Fields “I think I need a new heart!”:

    Wonderful! I should get this book and improve my shabby uke skills.

  2. Great news, Mark! I’ll be pass your post about Sophie’s book along to my subscribers!

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  3. I love her music! I think Boing Boing was where I first heard about her.–lnp5DlQ

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