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21 Responses to “Vision-tweaking minimalist music video”

  1. confu says:


  2. xzzy says:

    Nearsighted people really should take their glasses off to watch this. It’s a bit of a weird feeling to get more information out of something than you can with perfect vision.

  3. millie fink says:

    Slightly less demanding and tedious than watching proverbial paint dry.

    • Rezeya Montecore says:

      I’m sorry it didn’t have enough explosions and men in leather jeans for you. Maybe we can find you a nice Whitesnake video.

    • Kenmrph says:

      Where do you get this “proverbial paint”? My white picket fence and glass house could both use a fresh coat. I’m also thinking this town would look good in red.

  4. The streaming YouTube quality makes it look terrible.  Much better if you download the 1080p file and watch that.

  5. Rob Cornelius says:

    great now I have astigmatism 

  6. Intriguing visual, but I only made it through about 2:30 of the “music”.  Maybe if I didn’t have a good pair of headphones on…

  7. reznicek111 says:

     The effect is especially interesting when you view the video fullscreen on a good-sized monitor, and defocus your eyes the way you would with those “Magic Eye” 3D images. Watch out though, more than a few minutes at a time can bring on a nasty headache!

  8. miasm says:

    Sounds like True Widow with a Kazoo. (Not necessarily bad)
    Trixee wee particle pan at the end there, at first I thought they should not have kept the opbjects facing the camera but something hypnotic happens on the close approach… I’m still trying to work out exactly *what* it is that’s making that part of the scene gel so much for me…

  9. cycle23 says:

    Took me back to mid-90s space rock and similar offshoots (early Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev), albeit without the fancy vocalists to pull it all together; but a nice artifact and walk down memory lane, complete with trippy video I could have imagined projected on someone’s living room wall during a house show. A pleasant trip down that lane.

    But yeah, wouldn’t have hurt to throw in a couple of exploding former Whitesnake members, just for kicks.

  10. ChickieD says:

    Thanks! It has been a while since I had my eyeballs calibrated.

  11. Personally loved the music to bits and stopped watching the video after one minute to read the comments because it’s very boring, albeit mildly cool. Sort of. In a boring way.

  12. jerrysneede says:

    Here some minimalist music videos I made, kind of like watching clouds change slowly: http://lightherder.blogspot.com/