Where to get an EFF laptop sticker like Edward Snowden's

Hugh from the Electronic Frontier Foundation sez, "Edward Snowden's computer sported stickers for EFF and Tor. You can buy the EFF sticker here."


  1. Of course you should also become a member and then ask for one with your membership packet. Hint. Hint. 
    (He says while wearing his EFF shirt-gray edition)

  2. One article about Snowden today said that he went to Hong Kong for a break related to his epilepsy treatment. I wondered about that because epilepsy usually becomes an issue in your teens, and by the time you are 28 it should have stabilised unless you have a new problem like a tumor. This made me wonder, does Snowden have a medical problem which prompted him to go public?

  3. You’d think that somebody at the NSA would find the EFF sticker on his co-worker’s laptop a bit weird.

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    2.  I’m guessing it’s either not his work laptop, or else it was applied after he broke with them.

  4. I just want a replacement for the EFF ‘Cybernaut’ bumper sticker I lost to SF when my car was towed.

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