Where to get an EFF laptop sticker like Edward Snowden's


8 Responses to “Where to get an EFF laptop sticker like Edward Snowden's”

  1. spocko says:

    Of course you should also become a member and then ask for one with your membership packet. Hint. Hint. 
    (He says while wearing his EFF shirt-gray edition)

  2. One article about Snowden today said that he went to Hong Kong for a break related to his epilepsy treatment. I wondered about that because epilepsy usually becomes an issue in your teens, and by the time you are 28 it should have stabilised unless you have a new problem like a tumor. This made me wonder, does Snowden have a medical problem which prompted him to go public?

  3. grimc says:

    You’d think that somebody at the NSA would find the EFF sticker on his co-worker’s laptop a bit weird.

  4. Mazoola says:

    I just want a replacement for the EFF ‘Cybernaut’ bumper sticker I lost to SF when my car was towed.

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