Blendtec Home Blender: powerful home blender can chop, juice, grind grain, and more


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  1. Golf balls, iPhones…

  2. stevesong says:

    You discovered…. a $400 blender.  And now you have written an article about it to cope with the cognitive dissonance involved in not feeling like a mutt for having spent $400 on a blender.

    • Boundegar says:

      Just think, you could have spent $20 on a Wal-Mart special, and $380 on super glue and steampunk gewgaws.

  3. Joane O'Brien says:

    Wait, there are people who have been on the internet some time in the last 10 years who do NOT know about BlendTec blenders?

    Maybe next, we’ll see a post on BoingBoing about this new fad of cat pictures with hilarious cheezburger captions.

  4. monitorhead says:

    will it blend boingboing? THAT.  is the question.  lol

  5. miasm says:

    The blender is so powerful (like, +2 HP maan) that it actually breaks down the cell walls of vegetables and fruit.
    Your gut just soaks up this nutrient rich soup far more easily than if it had to digest through the cell wall structures.
    I recently heard Duncan Trussell describe this blender as attaining to the hallowed ground of life style objects, delivering on a level the BBQ could only promise.

  6. So you can spend hundreds of dollars to make disgusting slush?  I can’t quite see the point.

  7. hyperfocal says:

    I thought that people who spent $400+ on a blender were chumps, too… Right up until we got a Vita-mix at work. The thing is amazing. Healthy, nutritious smoothies take just a few seconds to make. I have a couple a week.

    I’m not sure I’m quite ready to spend $400 of *my* money on one yet, but I don’t pity the fool who spent $400 on the one I use.

  8. relawson says:

    I used to bash people that “wasted” their money on blendtec and vitamix.

    Then I got a vitamix. I made hot soup from cold ingredients. These things are NOT simply the “Apple” of the blender world (which is what I thought before). There is a reason these tools are used by the pros.

  9. SunShine_K says:

    Annnnnnnnnd Vitamix was first, does it better and costs a bit less. :P

  10. cellocgw says:

    So what happens if you use this gadget to make a smoothie out of your ThreeWolfMoon tshirt?

  11. crummett says:

    Will it blend…itself? Will a Blendtec blender turn one of its own into dust? The Internetz want to know!

  12. pjcamp says:

    Why don’t you just divert the output from your In-Sink-Erator ?

  13. Austin Williamson says:

    So, is this equal to the Total Blender?

  14. I can buy a lawn mower for that much. Does it also mulch?

  15. Anyone else troubled by the fact that the blender jar is made out of plastic?  I just don’t trust plastic for edibles anymore.

  16. Dan Shapiro says:

    Here’s a picture of my brand-new blendtec and a pound of canned chickpeas. And a whiff of smoke. And an error message.

    Returned to Costco, got a vita-mix, no further problems.

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