Controlled flight into a volcano

"Controlled flight into terrain" is a term that refers to an airplane crash where a pilot accidentally directs an airplane right into the ground (or a hill, or the water, or anything else, really). CFITs tend to happen in bad weather, or when guidance equipment fails in a key way that isn't noticed by the people using that equipment to land or take off in a plane. In 1936, a deposed German prince — Adolf II of Schaumburg-Lippe — died when his airplane took a CFIT ... into a volcano.


  1. ‘Controlled flight into terrain’ is probably among the most polite phrases used to shift blame from the engineers to the operators.

    1. For a minute, I thought that you said Erebor and that this comment belonged in The Hobbit thread.

    1. He was just going back for his hat. It blew off his head and we wasn’t about to leave that masterpiece behind.

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