Crazy naked man attacks BART passengers, performs gymnastics

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On May 10th, a completely naked man entered the 16th street BART station in San Francisco and began attacking people, spitting, urinating and doing gymnastics moves on railings and turnstiles. BART police eventually shut down the station to arrest the man.

Yesterday, this NSFW video of the incident hit YouTube. Be warned that it's no joke: it's a naked man attacking vulnerable passers-by in public.


  1. Remind me how this is a wonderful thing, why it’s posted here at all, and how BB is nowadays distinguishing itself from, I dunno, TMZ?

    1.  I was just going to ask how it wasn’t Beschizza posting this, but you said what I’d have meant.

  2. I thought this would be awesome until I figured out that he seems to mostly attack people considerably smaller/weaker than himself.

    1. Yeah. I suppose it was all handled very maturely and adultly, and no one was harmed, and he’s mentally etc.

      But I sure would not have minded someone just reaching in from nowhere and decking that motherfucker.

      1. Watch till the end…just before the lady taking the video says “oh my goodness that’s a lady”, I’m pretty sure he gets a right cross to the jaw from that last woman he’s going after.  

      2. But I sure would not have minded seeing someone just come in from nowhere and deck that motherfucker.

        Nothing says civilization like beating the mentally ill.

        1. I’m not saying that should have been done, or even that it would be a good thing. Just being honest about my own emotional reaction.

          There’s different kinds of mental illness, and it’s never all of someone that goes ill. This guy had some function of his mind break, so that he wanted to be naked in public and yell for no purpose (which I wouldn’t even mind if it stopped there.) But other parts of his mind were still working, so that he knew how to do handstands and dismounts. 
          And from looking at this, he was clearly more comfortable pushing around people who were smaller and weaker. And this seems to me to be the manifestation of a self-preservation instinct that was still functioning properly. Which to me puts him more in the line of being a bullying prick. I don’t like bullying pricks. 

          That said, just my reaction. Glad no one else appears to have been seriously hurt, and hopefully he’s getting some help fixing the part of his mind that led him to do this.

        2. subduing/neutralizing. Which not even the guy w/ the 6′ wooden umbrella could be bothered to TRY. As if going back to Home Depot afterward, for a replacement, would be too much trouble. 

        3.  Because the mentally ills rights trump those of the women he is attacking right? The right cross is to put him to sleep so he will stop attempting to attack and/or possibly rape people. But hey he is mentally ill better just let him do whatever he wants right? If she had said “beat the fuck out of” instead of right cross you might have a case.

          On a different note, honestly he doesn’t look mentally ill to me, he looks high as fuck on sherm.

          1. Because the mentally ills rights trump those of the women he is attacking right?

            “But I sure would not have minded seeing someone just come in from nowhere and deck that motherfucker.” This is a revenge fantasy and has absolutely nothing to do with the rights of the women whom he attacked.

          2. Oh gtf out of here, coming over all self righteous. What you see in this video is a strong man attacking smaller women in the first instance first and you’re telling you wouldn’t want to see the guy knocked out – under those circumstances I did. Didn’t you feel for those women? Or were you just saddened by the mental state of the man?

            Btw, you’re assuming he’s mentally ill and not high as a kite.

        4. Remember the Miami guy who ate a homeless’ face? I would try to escape and avoid conflict, but I wouldn’t let his jaws come less than a foot from me. No way.

        5. That must be the worst rationalization. That guy is butt naked harassing smaller woman, I don’t care how mentally ill the guy is, I would have knocked him on his ass. ” oh no mam, let him, rub his junk on you, it’s ok, he’s mentally ill”

  3. “… a naked man attacking passers-by, including women”? Does this imply that his attacking men is somehow acceptable? 

    1. I agree that it wasn’t written well. The point is that the guy picked on those he perceived to be weaker than him, including an older, short gentleman. But most of the people he attacked or targeted were women. 

      I am a woman who has been attacked numerous times for (a) having a vajayjay, (b) being read as a dyke, (c) not registering for the draft now that women can fight in combat units (this guys was particularly scary, threatened to kill me and he was serious. 7pm twilight in front of the DeYoung Museum), (d) being a bitch, c—, whore, f–king dyke f—–t (yes, this is an epithet, particularly for women who don’t appear feminine enough for others’ taste), I would like to point out that while BB seemed to be saying that women are weak, perhaps instead they intended to demonstrate the kind of harassment women are subject to every day. 

      I agree that the aggressive acrobat is an unusually dramatic case, but he’s really not that unusual. There are a number of guys in the Mission and other areas of SF who are ill and who do not like women. When they flip, they will yell at them or attack them. I negotiated an incident of this type just 2 months ago– guy who is a fixture in the neighborhood who was off his meds, blocked the sidewalk and proceeded to try to grab my breasts, aggressively. I handled it and let the cops know. They had already had reports that he was harassing people.

      A month later he was back in his spot in front of the taquería. He’s ill, and I sincerely feel for him, but he’s also a danger and he left bruises on me. My first reaction on watching the video above was to analyze how I’d respond: pepper spray or knife; jump the turnstile, exit through side gates. descend to platform and take elevator, etc.

      This shit happens all the time. Reagan is certainly to blame. Based on my experience, I believe SFPD is doing their best. But it is a reality and one that most women living in cities deal with on a regular basis.

      1. That particular station and Civic Center seem to be where they pool the most in SF. And yes, it is a damn shame that all these untreated mentally ill are just left out to fend for themselves, in a way that helps absolutely no one.

        1. He was functioning professionally as a gymnast not terribly long before this. And his hair is in way too good a shape for him to be a street person on his daily rounds. 

    1.  There is no security guard. The man in the uniform is a custodian or repair tech, one of those two.

    1. Right? Clearly this guy needs to channel his energy into performance, rather than taking massive quantities of drugs.

      1. Great. Now the Elfi Schlegel – John Tesh nightmares are going to start up again.

    1. So many schizophrenics. Any time someone smaller was threatened, the crowd stepped in. Besides that, leave it to the PD to handle.

      1.  Except even when he attacked women people were pretty casual about stepping in to help, and then they just kinda walked away and let him go right up and attack other women. I’m usually pretty understanding of people but there’s really no excuse for letting him just go up and attack multiple women.

        1. Many years ago I was harassed and mildly assaulted (boobs grabbed, ass poked) on the 1 train in NYC. I fended for myself pretty good, but it wasn’t until the assaulter started picking on women hotter than myself that every dude on the train became a hero. They very chivalrously threw him out of the train at my stop.

          1. I was already leery about endorsing the ‘men come in and protect women-folk’ narrative when I thought the men had noble motives. If it means anything I’d step in to stop a crazy naked guy from attacking any man or woman regardless of hotness (and not just because I have low standards).

          2.  It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you didn’t start it I would have helped  you. I’m sorry the people on that train didn’t.  I’m trying to learn how to be an optimist, maybe they saw you handling it yourself and giving better than you got, and those other women weren’t?

          3. That’s what I thought too – but the hot blonde chicks were actually doing a helluva job themselves; one had a guitar case and was masterfully swinging it at the guy. At any rate, if the dudes in the train had been concerned about the well-being of someone they didn’t want to fuck, they would have either subdued the assailant, or frog-marched him to a cop or other authority, rather than just pushing him out of the train at my (unattended) stop.

          4. if the dudes in the train had been concerned about the well-being of someone they didn’t want to fuck

            What are you — some kind of Stalinist?

      1. A dozen years ago, my girlfriend and I headed out one Sunday afternoon for a quick trip to OfficeMax for paper, and as we headed down Cortland to Bayshore, I noticed a naked man in the middle of the other lane a couple intersections ahead. “Naked man,” I said. “Yep,” she said, “naked man.” 

        When I got to the next stop sign, though, I realized he was stalking about, waving his fist and shouting. “Oops,” I said, “*angry* naked man,” and I hit the electric door lock. We rode past him and continued on our way; when we returned 15 minutes later, he was cuffed and bent over the trunk of a police cruiser while another patrolman questioned onlookers.

        For years, my girlfriend used that anecdote as her SF-in-a-nutshell story.

  4. Walk by naked man lying face down on the floor in the train station? Kick him as you pass.

    Weird reactions all around…

  5. Be warned that it’s no joke: it’s a naked man attacking passers-by, including women, in public.

    And available in 1080p HD resolution!


    1. It’s up to you now to dictate how people should react to being attacked? For Crissakes, the guy is twice as big as her.

      1. I was more amazed that everybody didn’t just skedaddle.  Paralyzed by fear?  Contemplating heroic action?  Waiting for Shannen Doherty to step out for the reveal?

        In my case I would have been torn between rapidly getting the fuck out of there and offering to french braid that fabulous mane.

        1. A standard group reaction to a shocking situation is just as you’ve seen here: continue to do what you were doing. The innate human tendency appears to be do this, or if it’s more shocking then just freeze.

          It’s almost like a numbness sets in. Similar behavior has been seen on sinking boats. People don’t seem to really believe what’s happening. It’s a rather strange phenomenon that seems rather counter-survival, so it’s hard for me to understand in evolutionary terms. Nevertheless, it seems to be very prevalent. 

          This is very much why soldiers are trained to act with rote memorization in stressful situations. 

  6. There’s a crazy lady in my town with a fire & brimstone Bible thing, which she directs at the business owners in her neighborhood, very uncomfortable and banal tirades, it seems Satan inhabits the hard-working taco stands, barber shops and also a wonderful seafood stew food truck I frequent.

    If I’m there and she comes up with her curses again, I hope to work up the courage to send it right back at her, like I’m The Voice Of God – “I’m VERY disappointed in YOU!  You have FAILED Me AGAIN!  Go back to your room and pray for peace in your heart towards your fellow man!”  Maybe that’ll button her lip for a couple of moons, let us eat in peace.

  7. Damn, that guy is in really good shape, which makes the situation quite a bit more dangerous. Most crazy people you usually see on public transport are more or less physically decrepit.
    It´s amazing how people see him doing his thing and still decide it´s a good idea to enter the area.

  8. The first thing I thought as I saw the picture was, “That’s the BART by Noisebridge!” And, yes, while it would have been nice if someone had actually attempted to subdue this man before the cops got there, it seems clear that not many people /could/ have, since he was both quite tall and in good shape. Also, that station often has crazies and strangeness, so the strategy of avoiding trouble and continuing on is a well practiced one.

  9. Classic psychotic break. It happens. I’m glad no one was seriously injured, since this guy looks like someone who could handle himself in a dust up.

    He’s more than just athletic — he’s probably trained. Men who can do handstands and gymnastic leaping dismounts should be assumed to know the essentials of some martial art, and the fellow has a reach advantage given his height. So, no, someone isn’t just going to roll up on him and hold him down. Subduing him would be a three-man job for anyone who isn’t exceptionally well-trained. 

  10. Pathetic commenters, really shows the extent to which certain individuals have become feminized. Even the part booth guy sounds and acts like a female.

        1. We rarely get internet tough guys around these parts. Tell me more about you. Do you know martial arts? Are you physically strong?

          1. I’m a black belt obviously, I don’t train. I don’t need it. I gorge myself on whatever I can find mostly. Americans will learn a lot from my form (if they choose to).

          2. I wasn´t feeding, I was playing. Are we not allowed to play with them either? Pfff, fine.

      1. Please delete. I got over excited about talking to filthyblakraven, since he´s an exceptionally manly specimen, and accidentally posted twice.

  11. The Public and Police had every right to subdue or deter this not from attacking them.  And he was attacking them by spitting, urinating, hitting and pushing them. Mentally ill or not, the public has a right to protect themselves.  The way I see it, your civil rights end when you interfere with mind. 

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