Game of Drones - video show about drone fighting


7 Responses to “Game of Drones - video show about drone fighting”

  1. Though I find this pretty cool, it also becomes quite haunting once you get to drones chasing and shooting people…

  2. rocketpj says:

    No kidding.  I love this stuff, but not being a psycho killer, I won’t ever use a drone to kill people.  I’m sure someone will soon (not counting the government, who do it every day).

  3. Bill_Kos says:

    Paint balls? Call me when they come up with a miniature Hellfire missile.

  4. mindfu says:

    Was waiting for someone to use this pun.

  5. Petzl says:

    They completely glossed over how targets are selected by this drone.  Are American citizens to be valid targets? If so, where is the due process?

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