Mexico's Candidate Cat has a predecessor: Fidel the dog

After reading this post on Boing Boing about a cat for mayor in one Mexican town, my friend Ejival from glamorous Tijuana writes,

Your Morris the Candigato post reminded me of CANDIDATO FIDEL ( the campaign was full of double entendre political slang (hueso: a job in the government), mordida (corruption), etc. He ran three years ago in Guadalajara and actually got more votes than the PRD party in one of the districts.

You can se some of the ballots where people voted for him here. This is my favorite one.

YES WE CAN (Can is the abrvdt scientific term for dog in Mexico).


  1. So queue comments about one candidate being a flea ridden, scrotum licker and the other being a dog.

  2. “No soy gato de nadie”, LOL.
    There are three meanings for the word “gato” in Spanish that I can think of:
    1. Cat.
    2. Lackey.
    3. The tire replacement lever and wrench in the trunk of a car.

  3. There’s a french precedent as well: a dachshund  (chine saucisse) nammed Tchat who ran for mayor of Marseille in 2001 and has recently become a national TV star as candidate on the french spin-off to Big Brother called “Secret Story”.
    Here’s a short reporet from french television about him and his owner, writer Serge Scotto.

  4. There’s a Toronto predecessor too. In 2000, Toronto artist Jeff Winch launched a city-wide installation called Vote Hound where he virtually ran his dog for election. He tried to get him on the roster, but I guess there are rules against that. However, he had bus shelter ads, lawn signs, and a website featuring the hound’s platform (Stuff like: Hound will never say something he doesn’t mean – he’ll never say anything!) We still have our huge lawn sign hanging in our house: “4 Legs Good – Vote Hound”.

  5. He’ll be tough on crime — he’ll rip the faces off of criminals (and grandmothers, postmen, babies, etc.)

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