Mexico's Candidate Cat has a predecessor: Fidel the dog


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  1. ForeverZero says:

    So queue comments about one candidate being a flea ridden, scrotum licker and the other being a dog.

  2. Gilbert Wham says:

    Fidel Cano?

  3. niktemadur says:

    “No soy gato de nadie”, LOL.
    There are three meanings for the word “gato” in Spanish that I can think of:
    1. Cat.
    2. Lackey.
    3. The tire replacement lever and wrench in the trunk of a car.

  4. There’s a french precedent as well: a dachshund  (chine saucisse) nammed Tchat who ran for mayor of Marseille in 2001 and has recently become a national TV star as candidate on the french spin-off to Big Brother called “Secret Story”.
    Here’s a short reporet from french television about him and his owner, writer Serge Scotto.

  5. Charlotte Dempsey says:

    There’s a Toronto predecessor too. In 2000, Toronto artist Jeff Winch launched a city-wide installation called Vote Hound where he virtually ran his dog for election. He tried to get him on the roster, but I guess there are rules against that. However, he had bus shelter ads, lawn signs, and a website featuring the hound’s platform (Stuff like: Hound will never say something he doesn’t mean – he’ll never say anything!) We still have our huge lawn sign hanging in our house: “4 Legs Good – Vote Hound”.

  6. JohnnyReason says:

    He’ll be tough on crime — he’ll rip the faces off of criminals (and grandmothers, postmen, babies, etc.)

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