Severed deer head left at supermarket self-checkout


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  1. acerplatanoides says:


  2. Dave Parker says:

    Unexpected item in the bagging area

  3. rocketpj says:

    Perhaps it can be reanimated.

  4. Boundegar says:

    That’s one of those wonderful fake apologies. We apologize if anybody was [so cowardly as to be] distressed.

  5. jbond says:

    CCTV recordings appear to show a Green Man dancing his way out of the store while playing the pipes but the authorities have been unable to find any witnesses that actually saw anything.

  6. Felton / Moderator says:

    A message from the Don.  He don’t like it when his items don’t scan.

  7. Jeremy Sachs says:

    This is oddly reminiscent of “On Sundays Ringroad Supermarket” by Stanley Donwood (of Radiohead fame):

  8. brandonmwest says:

    They should test it for horse. It’s probably horse.

  9. shiftdelete says:

    Dudddde! Jäger Bombs!

  10. Brainspore says:

    This is hardly the first time someone that someone tried to stick a mangled buck into the electronic bill reader.

  11. fergus1948 says:

    So that’s where I left it!
    But boy, was my face red when I finally arrived at the black mass. (Tesco were all out of goat heads.)

  12. Analog Kid says:

    “I don’t know what the big deal is. Don’t we all do the same when the stupid self-checkout won’t beep something?”

    Lacks any real humor.  Sorry.

  13. pigpen23 says:

    i was once squatting a 3-story house that was owned by a notoriously predatory slum lord. the place was in shambles and we got to work fixing it up. we knew we wouldn’t be living there long-term, but it took the slum lord 6 months to even notice we were living there. the reason? we had been chopping up deer (roadkill, which we had skinned and gutted out in the country) in the back yard and apparently someone called the cops, which got relayed back to him. we didn’t know what to do with the deer heads’ and so we put them in a cooler, to later bring them to a friends’ rural land and just let them biodegrade there. however, before we went out to the country, the slum lord’s employees were sent to check out the house and found a large cooler with two deer skulls. soon after, he came to the door, scared shitless, and asked politely that we pay rent. “oh yeah dude, we’ll totally get right on that.”

    one victory in a lifetime of defeats

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