Superman, the 1966 Broadway musical!


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  1. Der Müde 'Tude says:

    FYI, the musical’s been revived twice very recently.  It had a five-day run in March in New York’s City Center (which I wish I’d been able to attend). It also had a brief 2010 run at the Dallas Theatre Center, which boasted an updated book by playwright/comics & TV writer Roberto Aguirre-Sarcasa, as well as brand-new numbers written by Adams and Strouse for the production (and boy, do I wish I could have seen THAT).

  2. EeyoreX says:

    I seem to remember this show was adapted for TV, with extra cheese, way back in my youth. Yep, there it is: ABC in 1975.

  3. lese says:

    I played in a pit orchestra for a community theater production in the mid-90′s. Even then, it felt like- well- a product of its time. Nice enough, but no “Oklahoma”, as we said.

  4. Anthony Combs says:

    What the hell?  A cultural phenomenon and “Mad Men” didn’t even touch on it in season 5?  But they found space in one script to give a shout out to Jean-Claude Van Itallie?  That’s absurd!

    • Der Müde 'Tude says:

      It wasn’t really “a cultural phenomenon.”  The original production closed after 129 performances, so the 1966 Broadway public wasn’t terribly interested (even though it got generally positive reviews). The general response at the time was not, “Oh wow! A hit musical about Superman!” but more a puzzled, “Um, okay, why did they make this?”

      It’s doubtful it would have been on Don Draper’s radar.

  5. pjcamp says:

    Superman had cheerleaders?

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