Tumblog of Greatness: F*ck Yeah, Female Astronauts

Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space, launch date June 16, 1963.

A wonderful website: fuckyeahfemaleastronauts.tumblr.com [new expletive-free URL] womeninspace.tumblr.com.

Only 10% of people in space have been women, and on tumblr that seemed even less. so here it is for your inspiration. Fuck yeah! Female Astronauts!

(via s.e. smith)


  1. While this is awesome, the name of the Tumblr prevents me from sharing it from my offspring. :(

    1. LOL because they’ve never heard or seen the word “fuck” before? hahahahha!!!!! if that’s what you want to believe!

  2. Interesting timing. China launched its second female astronaut into space today – they were watching the event at my local gym.

    1. Wang will teach lessons to schoolchildren via video link during the mission, officials said….
      The official Xinhua news agency ran profiles of the three astronauts, and said that Wang has 1,600 hours of flying experience, including dispelling clouds for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.She is a major in the military and a member of the Communist Party.”The experience of doing farm work since an early age has made her strong, and the habit of long-distance running tempered her will,” Xinhua said.


      1. The experience of doing farm work since an early age has made her strong, and the habit of long-distance running tempered her will

        Dang, if the portrait had just a touch more propaganda-style flattery, I’d be inclined to suspect they’d taken their cue from the Time-Life profiles of the Mercury Program astronauts.

  3. Unfortunately, Tereshkova’s pioneering flight was a bit of a political stunt; all the candidates had been selected as parachutists (they ejected from the Vostok before landing) rather than as experienced pilots.

    It’s not as if the USSR didn’t already have experienced female pilots (and there had been women combat pilots and air aces in WW2). At some point one of the first 20 male cosmonauts, Pavel Popovich (Vostok 4, 1962, and Soyuz 14, 1974) married one – Marina Lavrentievna Vasiliyeva Popovich was a Soviet Air Force pilot who in 1964 became a military test pilot. According to Wikipedia she “is a retired Soviet Air Force colonel, engineer, and legendary Soviet test pilot who holds 107 aviation world records set on over 40 types of aircraft. She is one of the most famous pilots in Russian history, and one of the most important female pilots of all time.”

    You wonder why the USSR avoided selecting women like that and instead selected people like Tereshkova, who had come from a factory job as a textile worker.

    1. As it turned out, piloting skills were not really necessary in the NASA space program until the LEM, so going with parachutists seems as good a decision as any.

  4. I think maybe “fuckyeahfemaleastronauts” is maybe a boundary that parents just don’t need to give a fuck about.

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