3D printed bowtie

This 3D printed bowtie ain't cheap ($115), but it's got a clever little fitting (it buttons straight onto your collar-button), and it also looks like a fun project to recreate with your local hackspace's 3D printer.

bow tie (via OhGizmo)


  1. If you’re going to go to all that trouble, why wouldn’t you 3D print a Mobius  bow tie?

      1. My experiments with 3D printing a valet have met with mixed though amusing success. Renting one is probably the better option.

  2. Next time I need an artificial 3-D simulacrum of an imitation unfashionable fashion statement that has nothing tied into a bow, I’ll download an app and send you a text telling you all about it.

  3. Oh it is cheap, in terms of cost. They’re just ripping people off on what they charge to make it for you.

    Maybe someone will do an open source version and put it on Thingiverse or Github.

    1. Well it does actually looks more like a propeller than a bow tie. Albeit a propeller with holes in it. If people made propellers the size of bow ties out of raffia, this is exactly what they’d look like. Although I have no idea why they might do that.

  4. I was at a street fair last weekend and one of the vendors was selling 3-d printed jewelry. I wanted to buy some to support the movement, or whatever, but damn if those earrings and pendants weren’t ugly as all hell. Extruded plastic just ain’t as pretty as precious metals. 

    1. Agreed. The fun of 3D printed accessories is in the designing and printing, not the buying and wearing.

    2. I’ve been really impressed by some of the 3-d printed artwork and jewelry I’ve seen.  (Though, yeah, some of it’s ugly or boring, but that applies to hand-crafted metal or other media also.) 

      And some of it’s there to say “this is cool because I can make this shape with a 3-d printer which would be really hard to do with metal or Fimo”, and it’ll look rather dated in a few years.  But that just means you should have fun with it now.

  5. I was quite certain that it was made out of chocolate and was baffled as to why it wasn’t staining the shirt.

  6. Silk is such an atrociously inelegant substance. I’m glad that someone has finally crafted a clip-on bowtie of polyurethane resin.

  7. I like bow ties- the kind made of silk, linen, or another natural fiber that you tie into a knot yourself. Wearing one of these abominations is just announcing “I am a dick”. Especially when worn as shown with a blazer that has an inch gap between the collar and the shirt.

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