At Scientific American, Beth Mole has a longer story about the FDA's recent decision to exert more control over the use of fecal transplants — procedures that attempt to cure disorders related to gut bacteria by, essentially, giving you somebody else's gut bacteria. We already talked briefly about this decision, which has some benefits and some detriments. This new piece gets more in-depth.

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  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Well, since there’s nothing else here, I’ll just drop this.

  2. welcomeabored says:

    Does the specialty of proctology exist still in this country, or did it get absorbed into gastroenterology or perhaps internal medicine?

    I did a rotation with a couple of proctologists 35 years ago at Madigan.  They got no respect for their profession (except from their greatly relieved patients) and were the endless butt of jokes from colleagues.  There has to be a few of those folks today reading about these fecal procedures and renewed interest in the microbiome who feel a little vindicated for all the grief they took.

  3. crenquis says:

    I get mine the natural way — swallow some water at the community pool…

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