Man does "karate dance" to Offspring tune

"Karate Dancing To Offspring" (Thanks, Gabe Adiv!)


  1. This is no dance. This man is obviously battling an invisible ninja. Also, I love everything about this, sincerely and ironically 

    1. This is no dance. This man is obviously doing Tai Chi. He just picked totally the wrong song to accompany Tai Chi.

      1. I watched some hipster trying to do Tai Chi alongside the old Chinese people in the park, and he looked like he was going to topple over every time he moved.   He never came back. 

        1. Tai chi is very, very difficult to do well. The old people look good because they looked bad for decades and came back anyway.

    1. Me, I’d have bought him a pint, or offered him some drugs, depending on the venue/occasion. Lighten up, Francis.

  2. Anyone who doesn’t look cool when they’re dancing should be the object of ridicule! HA,HA look how much fun that idiot is having!

  3. It would take a great deal of skill to really do this well, except nobody with the requisite skill level would be caught dead doing something like that. 

  4. There was a moment of panic when I saw the headline, but then I remembered that Offspring is past my time.

    I’m guessing Shotokan.  He’s pretty fast!

      1. I’m second guessing myself and saying sloppy Isshin Ryu.  Though maybe when he’s not dancing he’s less sloppy.  

    1. That fall was clearly not due to a slip, as he wasn’t doing anything particularly acrobatic at that moment.  He was obviously struck by one of the invisible ninjas.

    2. Really, you think those are actual katas? He’s certainly moving fluidly, but that could just come from doing his freestyle karate-ish moves often enough. But the clumsy way he sometimes leads with his head and sometimes with his body, not to mention his non-existent hip flexibility, make me think that’s not karate, but is just good old fashioned ka-razy. Which isn’t to say I don’t like what he’s doing, I think he moves super well, and lord knows I admire his ability to bust out like that in a crowd and enjoy himself. But personally I don’t think its actual karate. 

    1. He’s having-fun-his-heart-out without hurting anyone at all. How the hell does that bear on his masculinity or virginity? And why is virginity suddenly an insult again? I thought that stopped after middle school.

      1. How the hell does that bear on his masculinity or virginity?

        It’s doesn’t.  It’s a joke, get over it.  I’m sure he’s a wonderful man that you and I have never met.

        Also, maybe I’m just projecting? I did shit like that as a youngster and it certainly assisted me in mucho antiguo virginidad.

        He’s having-fun-his-heart-out without hurting anyone at all.

        I guess you missed the part where he knocked that child down behind him?

        And why is virginity suddenly an insult again?

        Because I think virgins are weak, lesser humans than qualified whores… or maybe it’s just a lighthearted joke because the guy is sparing with thin air on a dance floor?

        By the way, have you seen this?

        Be sure and sit outside Steve Carell’s house in solemn protest.  Light a candle.

        I apologize if any virgins were harmed by my quip.

          1. ah, dammit disqus. I had already posted a joke about a hat with a whoosh! sign on a sprign, but now it’s lost to the ether. 

            Anyways. I read a few of your other comments, and realised how dumb i looked. On my defense, i was hungover, tired, and just arriving at work. At least a few good rounds of Cosmic Encounter. Worth it. 

    1.  Karate-dancing is a symbol of his individuality and his belief in personal freedom.

  5. Good for him.  On the upside, any smug douches who might think to bully him for his awkward dancing cannot say they weren’t warned by said awkward dancing. 

    At least he is having fun, which is more than I can usually do at that sort of event.  And my dancing lacks any sort of coherence whatsoever, unlike his forms.

    There is not a person alive who hasn’t done something that could be mocked on the internet, were it recorded and uploaded by assholes.  AFV is built on people being awkward on film.  And yet it goes on.

  6. He’s may not be dumb, but he is a dweeb, he’s just a sucker with (probably) no self esteem.

    1. I’m just kidding. This kid is great. I love people that cut loose like this guy. All the power to him! Here’s a video of another awesome guy spazzing out in public:

  7. Wow, 26 comments and no one has pointed out the fact that this clip contains privately owned music?  Where is the giant foot of DMCA to stomp on our fun?

    Paging Cory D….

    FWIW, I smiled watching his nerd dance, like I found a kindred spirit.

    1.  as someone who’s still got “identified” Offspring bootlegs on youtube, I think it’s reasonably safe to say the Offspring are a band that don’t get ‘defended’ particularly vigorously (I know, it’s not the band it’s the publishers, yadda yadda – but no one seems interested in saving them from the internet.  Could be those napster-run festivals they headlined 10 years ago…).

  8. First rule of  “I know martial arts club” is don’t do martial arts in public in the middle of folks where folks have likely been drinking. 

    1.  I know some nasty fuckers who had the very shit kicked out of them for being drunken bullies to a kid looked like this. He took three of em out in seconds, then asked the bouncer where his glasses were, cos he couldn’t see shit. Fuckin’ ninja.

  9. I was at a house club with some asian friends and a guy–also asian–got up on one of the lit-up risers and started doing his kata.  my friends were embarrassed for him because it looked fob-y.  so embarrassment knows no race, i guess.  but leave it to the neckbeard honky to do it to the Offspring, right?

    it’s hard to be cynical when I love hacky-sack as much as i do, though.  we all know how that looks.  it’s cool when i do it, though, i swear.

  10. I’m waiting for  Cobra Kai to sweep the leg when “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” gets played next.

  11. If he had some technique, I’d be impressed. I’ve got 10 year old daughters with better extension.

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