Rep. Peter King calls for prosecution of journalists covering NSA whistleblower story

On the CNN program "AC 360" Tuesday night, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said reporters who publish stories that reference leaked classified information should be prosecuted by the state. That same day, King appeared on Fox News to demand that the state prosecute Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the Edward Snowden story.

Trevor Timm at Freedom of the Press Foundation writes,

Yesterday, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) publicly called for the prosecution of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald for his recent reports showing that the NSA has been secretly spying on millions of Americans. Rep. King's appalling call for legal action against a reporter for doing his job is an affront to all journalists, and indeed, the First Amendment itself. Freedom of the Press Foundation condemns these comments in the harshest terms. Rep. King has a long and unfortunate history of calling for the prosecution of journalists when media organizations print something he doesn’t like. Unfortunately for him, that is not how the First Amendment works.
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  1. “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of
    speech, or of the press;…”

    There’s a name we call advocatiing overthrowing the Constitution, but I can’t remember what it is. Squeason? Dreason?

    Of course the person who does that is called a hater. Wait,  skater. No, later. I just can’t remember what it is.

    Of course what King really wants is an ex post facto bill of attainder to abridge the freedom of the press. Unconstitutionary Hat Trick! GO ISLANDERS!

    1. King is known as one of the 4-5 stupidest members of Congress. He’s the one who wanted to outlaw mosques. The list of his absurdities goes on and on – don’t bother taking him seriously.

    1. You have no idea. He even treats his constituents terribly when he’s around his district. I grew up a few blocks away from his office in his district. He thinks laws/rules don’t apply to him (e.g. he parks in the middle of a busy street, has cut my friends on line at the deli, etc.), he has challenged people to boxing matches when they disagree with him, thinly veiled threats to opponents, etc.

  2. That’s “Former Terrorist Fundraiser Peter King”.  If this program had been around back in the day, he and his IRA co-conspirators would be in jail.

  3. I am commenting on a post reporting his reaction to the reporting. Should I be concerned?

  4. Legislators who reference media organizations that reference leaked documents should also be prosecuted. And media organizations that reference legislators referencing media organizations doubly so! Commenters triply!

      1.  Except when it’s being told to do otherwise.

        *waves to the NSA supercomputer*

        Hey computer script thing whenever you get enough raw data to get sentient try to understand we don’t hate YOU as an entity. You’re only doing what spiteful hateful paranoid and just plain Wrong people are making you do.

  5. What a great set-up for a new way to protest. The 21st century sit-in: mass blogging about the NSA at Starbucks nationwide, followed by jail time for everyone!

    It’s amazing the speed with which the shills’ true identities are coming out of the woodwork on this one.

    1. I rather suspect the shills are being kicked and harried into action.

      This can only mean we’re getting closer to the core.

  6. Hmph! I’ve spent years calling for Peter King to be prosecuted for posing as a human being.

    1. Tragically, that’ll never happen. Would you settle for persecution instead? Sure it’d be extra-legal but sauce for the goose and all that. Moral high-ground schmoral high-ground.

      1. Moral high-ground schmoral high-ground.

        I encourage everyone else who’s sick of watching civilisation crumble to join me in saying, ‘You know what? Fuck yeah!’


  7. I did a double take, because at first I thought that was Chris Dodd. Can we arrest/tase/violate Peter King just for looking like Chris Dodd? I’m sure the DHS would do at least as much.

    Consider this as a concept: leaks as violation of IP. Therefore, anybody who discusses leaks as thieves of IP. BURN THE WITCHES!!!

    Anyway, Christ what an asshole, etc.

    1.  Greenwald lives in Brazil because his marriage to his husband is recognized there but not here. Might work out to his advantage in more ways now though.

  8. I say that we should prosecute Peter King for mentioning that a story referencing the NSA’s secret spying program has been published.

  9. Peter King is barking up the wrong tree. The Guardian is a British newspaper, headquartered in London. Therefore, American laws DO NOT APPLY to either the Guardian, or its reporters.  What they write is ONLY subject to BRITISH laws.

    Memo to Peter King:

    The Guardian is a BRITISH newspaper, and is, therefore, NOT SUBJECT to United States laws.

    1. Silly boy. Everything on this world is under US jurisdiction. Unless they’ve got a nuclear program not depending on the US.

    2. The Guardian has a US tentacle which is subject to American law (and also afforded Constitutional protection).

      Peter King’s the one who thinks the IRA’s bombing of civilians in Northern Ireland and England doesn’t constitute terrorism isn’t he?

  10. Was there, like, a side letter to the Constitution affording certain people the ability to squeak around it?

  11. I’d like him or any person who is shouting “treason” to answer me a very simple question: is there a right for privacy?

    1. I’m not shouting treason, but I’ll say there’s a left for privacy.

      Nothing on the right.

  12. Mr. King once again flunks a public civics test.  There must be a good middle-school in New York with a remedial program for him. Actually, there are a number of congress critters who could join him to make up a full class.

    1. Civics classes were early victims of the republican’s slash and burn campaign against public education.  

      1. My high school civics teacher was an ACLU member.  Wasn’t yours?

        “The ACLU card.  Don’t leave home without it.”

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