Russian Polar Expedition watch photo, 1969

Here's a beautiful, super-hi-rez, freely usable photo of a 1969 Russian Polar Expedition watch -- an absolutely droolworthy bit of horological sweetness. (Click to embiggen)

Russian Polar Expedition watch from 1969 - produced by Raketa [Sosoev/Wikimedia Commons]

(Thanks, Jim!)


  1. Surprisingly, a number of Soviet era mechanical watches are back in production for the nostalgia market.  I don’t recall seeing any with a 24 hour dial train like this one, though.

    1. the dial is so close…. but the casing is generic. at $770 i would need exact and i would pay $770 for exact..
      i so do love that old watch.

  2. i haven’t worn a watch since maybe 1987… but i’d wear this one every day of the week until the day i die.

    1. There are Lots of antimagnetic watches, mainly for people who are likely to work around magnets, rather than nuclear explosions. 

      My dad claims that he & I have magnetic wrists, which will eventually stop any clockwork watch we wear. I have an IWC antimagnetic ‘Ingenieur’ which works OK. He still thinks digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

      1. Worked with a guy who could stop any mechanical watch. Gave him my Seiko to wear and I watched it grind to a halt in 30 seconds. Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.

  3. I don’t even wear watches, but watches like this make me want to :) Here is a similar one on eBay

  4. Soviet era watches are interesting little historical object d’art but let’s not pretend they have a place in haut horology.  They are the horological equivalent of Lada cars. 

  5. Soooo many pixels, and just not quite in focus…  Sigh.

    /Maybe it was shot using a Зени́т?

  6.  Give over, Soviet era watches are fine..

    ‘haut horology’, as you’ve phrased it, has the same pedigree as Monster Cables nowadays.. it really is a minefield of, ‘fact poo’.. A good few, ‘high end’ brands source their parts and case manufacture from China, but you will be hard pressed to hear them brag about it.

    ‘Swiss Made’ indeed.

    Wear what gives you ‘that feel’ and be happy.

  7. Came here for “In Soviet Russia, polar expedition watches you!”

    Left disappointed.

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