Text adventures on your smartphone

Over at our sponsor Intel's LifeScoop site, I wrote about playing classic, free text adventure games on your smartphone. From "Adventures in Text Adventures":
NewImageWhen I was a youngster, I devoured a series of books called Choose Your Own Adventure. Launched in the late 1970s, these books, geared toward middle-schoolers, literally put “you” at the center of the story, as a spy, detective, scientist, or the like. Every few pages, you, as the protagonist, would make choices leading you to specific pages and ultimately one of dozens of endings to the tale. Even though the choices were necessarily limited by the pre-written pages, the books were compelling and surprisingly immersive. Once I got my hands on my first personal computer, a Texas Instruments 99-4, it was a natural progression to the realm of text adventure games. I started with Pirate Adventure… Yoho!
"Adventures in Text Adventures"