US congressman who introduced PATRIOT act says Obama administration's excuses over NSA spying are "bunk"

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), who introduced the PATRIOT Act on the floor of the House in 2001, says excuses from lawmakers and the Obama administration about recent NSA domestic spying revelations are “a bunch of bunk.” He has previously said the PATRIOT act should be amended to protect Americans' rights. (National Review)


  1.  And in other news, Rep. Sensenbrenner  has introduced legislation that will make sure that barn doors are securely shut 12 years after the cows have left.

    Obama is proving to be a huge disappointment, but spare me from self righteous republicans who are SHOCKED to find that the government is abusing its power.

    1. Politicians are always shocked. It gets them re-elected. But if it gets them voting against PRISM, that’s useful. Just don’t forget it’s a scorpion you’ve hitched a ride on.


    If the Patriot Act should be amended to protect American’s rights, it should have been defeated to protect American’s rights in the first place.

    Sorry, just stating the obvious.

    1. Kettle accepts Pot’s friend request call log.

      I wonder if more politicians will join the voice of reason once they realize their metadata is in there too, or if a quiet bipartisan rider will grease its way quickly through Congress excluding elected officials (and thier aids who actually draft legislation) from the everlasting dragnet of shame.

      I wonder who Rep. Peter Kings calls more, lobbyists or hookers…

      1. Maybe someone should tell congress that they are citizens of the US as well and that they should be concerned about what the NSA is doing with their data.

  3. Just for reference, this is at least the third time that he has been shocked, shocked, shocked, at what totally not-at-all-predictable abuses of his little law have occurred. He apparently doesn’t sense a pattern.

    Either he has anterograde amnesia, or he’s so dumb as to be barely sentient.

  4. Sensenbrenner is also the rocket scientist behind the REAL ID Act. Hard to think of a congressman in modern times who has done more to fight liberty.

    I question his patriotism.

    1. Sensenbrenner didn’t write the PATRIOT Act himself.  It’s way too big for his staff to have put together in the couple of days immediately following 9/11.  The FBI or spook agencies handed him their wishlists, ready to go, and he may have taken a few bits out that he thought would be hard to sell, and made a few others “temporary, requiring renewal” so they could get passed, and then made sure they got renewed.

      REAL ID is almost certainly the same thing.

      1. The people keep electing and re-electing these “dim politicians”. So maybe they’re their own enemy.

  5. This story sums up the whole problem without ever stating it explicitly. This guy introduced the PATRIOT ACT in 2001, and he’s still in office in 2013. 

    That is the answer to every question about this whole surveillance state mess. There is nothing else to say.

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