David Letterman, starring in the weirdest supercut video ever: Are Those Your Drums?

About this video: "A collection of clips of David Letterman asking drummers if their drums are rented. Also some guitars and French horns for good measure." [Thanks, Joe Sabia]


  1. The video was edited together by Dave Shumka, a canadian comedian who cohosts Stop Podcasting Yourself at maximumfun.org.

    1. I hear he’s a closet drummer. And that everyone else in the house is VERY happy that he does it there.

      Ta BOOM tish!!

  2. See, this is why I like drummers.   If you ask a drummer if they own the drums or rent them, they think you’re showing a healthy interest.  But you ask a dancer if they own their legs or are renting them, they just look at you funny!

    Dancers are so stuck up!

  3. Y’see, he’s making fun of the fact that bands often put their logo on the front kick drum head. Hence, either “Are those your drums?” or “are your drums rented?” to a band with such presentation is kinda funny and makes him look like an affable dummy while the same questions to drummers with blank kick heads is just a non-sequitor. Equal points for the tall guy. SIR probably dropped something off for somebody that morning anyway.

  4. This is what the supercut is made for. I’d noticed Letterman ask that a few times after the musical act, but I never realised it was so common and holy crap is it funny when the band’s name is plastered on the kick. I also feel like it’s a bit of a jab at the one-hit-wonder nature of pop musicians.

  5. Dude, you could go deep with this.
    With my short exposure to Letterman I’ve cottoned-on-to (UK, TM) many, many in jokes and repeated bits and I must be missing five times as much stuff, just because I’ve only been watching for 6 years.

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