Faces deformed by rubber bands


Photographer Wes Naman who famously wrapped his subjects' faces in scotch tape has now twisted people's mugs into grotesquery with rubber bands. You can revel in their beauty here and watch a behind-the-scenes video below!


12 Responses to “Faces deformed by rubber bands”

  1. annoyingmouse says:

    Somewhere out there is an eye-licking elastic band fetishist who is really loving bb today. Just one of those afternoons?

  2. yerma says:

    I had a professor in undergrad drawing ( 1984) who had each student do this. He took our photo and we did graphite self portraits based upon them. Nothing is new I guess.

  3. Dave1183 says:

    That reminds me, I need a new razor.

  4. Gulliver says:

    It’s like the Staples-universe Pinhead.

  5. pjcamp says:

    Is this art or third grade study hall?

  6. Chris Muir says:

    It’s almost enough to make me miss planking. Almost.

  7. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    I suppose this would be a good way of defeating ‘facial recognition’ software but one is still going to get strange looks from ones neighbors.

  8. adonai says:

    Remember kids, don’t touch plasmids.

  9. timquinn says:

    scan and print for real fun!

  10. Ian Wood says:

    Given his previous work, many in the faculty later felt they should have anticipated his “Portraits With Razorwire” series that resulted in the deaths of three undergraduates.

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