FBI's use of Patriot Act to collect US citizens' records up 1,000 percent

Michael Isikoff at NBC News reports that the FBI has "dramatically increased its use of a controversial provision of the Patriot Act to secretly obtain a vast store of business records of U.S. citizens under President Barack Obama." The FBI filed 212 requests for this kind of data in a national security court last year, which represents a 1,000-percent increase from the number of similar requests four years prior.


    1. Hey, isn’t it comforting to find our Obama is only 10 times as bad as bush?  I feared he was much worse than that.

  1. How much of this increase is due to the Obama administration now using the FISA court, whereas the Bush administration bypassed the courts? 

    Maybe use of the Patriot Act is up, but perhaps the collection of data is not up at all.

    1. ROFL.  How ignorant.

      Metadata in 2008 was a wisp of what’s available for appropriation by the government in 2013.  And big data was a twinkle in the eye of a data scientist.

      FBI use is up 10,000 times, the oppressive destruction of privacy up a million fold.

      Sorry, Bush would not have done this.

    2.  Please read the story.  The period is from 2008 to 2012 (I know, math is hard).  The FISA act had passed prior to that, so your claim is that the Bush administration was violating the FISA act.   You make that claim with no facts or even a hint of justification.

    3. Once the fisa court was established, at bush’s request, he followed those procedures.  The only non-fisa data gathered was before the fisa court was established, but when we still had a pressing need to stop the terrorists.  So your explanation of the huge increase is not valid.

    1. Enemies, that is, conservative groups, pro-constitution groups, anti-abortion groups, Tea Party groups, but certainly not the Tsarnaev brothers although they were radicals and the  government was warned about the older brother by Russia. 

  2. “You’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems, you should reject these voices. Because what these suggest is that somehow our brave, creative, unique experiment in self-rule is just a sham with which we can’t be trusted.”
    Barack Obama at Ohio State

    Don’t be afraid of the government little sheep trust the Dear Leader.

  3. That’s what you get when a radical ideologue no longer fears re-election.

    A principled moderate like Bush didn’t behave this way in his second term

  4. All this data gathered, and they could not stop the boston bombers, why?  Fear of muslim profiling.  Its just like the TSA, instead of concentrating on the muslim jihadists and those that support them, they go after everybody with a mindless blanket, for fear of being accused of profiling, when islamicist jihadism is one of the few things that should be profiled. Did you hear the report that the FBI now cant infiltrate mosques, without permission from some special board (probably filled with CAIR sympathisers). The FBI infiltrated hostile groups like the Communists and the KKK for years, and it was effective. Mind you not all muslims are that dangerous, but islamicist jihadists are, and you wont find out what they are doing unless you infiltrate the mosques where they gather and recruit.

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