Radio-seeking drone


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  1. Closer and closer to The Diamond Age.

  2. Lemoutan says:

    Can we have one that follows the money? Then we’d have a crime-fighting drone.

  3. spocko says:

    That is the worst video for getting DoD funding ever.

    Here is how it should be: Opening scene a drone quickly deployed from the back of a car. It flies over a crowed of people talking on phones and protesting. It stops and hovers over one person who looks scared. He starts running, the drone follows him as he wends his way through the crowd. People start avoiding him because they know what is going to happen next. The crowd parts and out of the sky a missile slams into the target and explodes. Killing only him. Success! Another Terrorist killed. ” “These drones can be quickly deployed to track and video suspected phone transmissions. Working in conjunction with Verizon’s metadata and PRISM data, we can program the drones to fly directly over the head of protesters, making them a easy target for the Predator drones. These quadcopters can also carry laser targeting devices to “paint” the targets while the armed Predator drones come within range. The Quadcopters camera sends video of the action back to base confirming the kill

    .”Oh, btw I got this whole scenero from Daniel Suarez’s book Kill Decision which is about drones, the people who make them and what they will do to sell more of them. It’s a good book. Not as good at Daemon and Freedom, his two previous book. If you haven’t read them you must. Suarez has worked inside the military/IT/intelligence world and his insights about what those people think and do are especially valuable right now during the NSA contractors and surveillance story.

  4. macrumpton says:

    A cheap drone killer that homes in on the video signals the drone sends back to the pilot.

  5. spacedmonkey says:

     the drones could automatically focus on police based on their emergency radios, ensuring that the cops were always in shot.

    I’m pretty sure the feds would sic some thug like Carmen Ortiz on you if you tried this.  That’s what they’ve got them for. 

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