Stolen: 200-pound pink bulldog sculpture in West Hollywood

A very large and very gay sculpture of a pink bulldog by Belgian artist William Sweetlove went missing after a recent gay pride parade in West Hollywood. Six of Sweetlove's pink and red bulldog sculptures were installed along Santa Monica Boulevard in WeHo last week, before Sunday's parade.

The artist is willing to give a frog statue worth $1,600 as a reward for the person who leads authorities to the bulldog.

"We don't want to encourage anybody to steal the other five," Andrew Campbell of the West Hollywood Economic Development Division told the L.A. Times. "Maybe somebody didn't realize they were stealing artwork."

Or maybe the big pink pooch became sentient and walked away by himself.


  1. It sounds as if you’re using “Gay” as a derogatory term there—especially since your referring a matter of an inanimate object. What’s the purpose of that tag to refer to a sculpture.

    Kids have to put up this crap being criticized for wearing ‘gay clothing’ or listening to ‘gay’ music. Now, you seem to accept the term “Gay” as description of styles and choices to be laughed at…because they’re “Gay” you know; and that’s bad.

    1. Well, the statues were specifically put up as part of the Gay Pride celebration….so…pretty gay.

  2. Looks more like a Boxer with a Thermos bottle strapped to his back.  I guess that’s supposed to be a variation on the St. Bernard with a brandy keg theme.

  3. Not sure how that statue is “very gay”.. whatever that means in regards to such things.

    Perhaps the artist is gay (probably why his work was chosen to be on display during Pride) – but he clearly states in the LA Times article that the statues are a comment on climate change. No mention of the statues’ implied sexual orientation.

    Oh wait it looks like a boy dog and it’s pink… Yep. “Very gay” indeed. Never mind.

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