Buzz Aldrin speaks out against Tang


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  1. mtdna says:

    Buzz is awesome. A lot of the Apollo astronauts are pretty reticent, but he’s outgoing and good-humored. Unless you get in his face and accuse him of lying about landing on the moon, in which case the old man beats the shit out of you:

  2. Dave1183 says:

    I met him once in a Newport Beach Radio Shack of all places. Nice guy. Then again, are there any astronaut jerks? I’d imagine they were trained by NASA in the art of charming in the public as they went through astronaut training.

    • LogrusZed says:

      As you say they must be heavily inculcated in the methods of public relations but I’d wager that one of the many aspects looked at in the selection process was the ability to get along with other people; after all look at the size of the orbital and lunar modules and the duration three fellows were expected to co-habitate in such proximity.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        On the other hand, look at their divorce rate.

        • LogrusZed says:

           In my, admittedly limited, experience some people are real “mans men” or “womens women”. Maybe back then all they really bothered to test was how well men got along with other men, since that was all they were going to be dealing with.

          Another thing might be that many of these guys came home to great celebrity and all the access to marriage-corrupting fun that comes with it while at the same time (late 60′s and onward) the notions that many women had for their own role in a marriage were changing and they were discovering a sense of personal agency that prior generations of women had been denied.

          On the gripping hand maybe marriage, as classically defined and attempted by most folks, is a bullshit and unnatural concept that at it’s best stifles at least one of the people entering in to it.

          • mausium says:

            “In my, admittedly limited, experience some people are real “mans men” or “womens women”.”

            Strict gender roles and confirmation bias are just aaaaawesome.

            “On the gripping hand maybe marriage, as classically defined and attempted by most folks, is a bullshit and unnatural concept that at it’s best stifles at least one of the people entering in to it.”

            Or perhaps there are more factors at work than your two ideas?

      • Boundegar says:

        I think they also weed out the assholes in ground school. You can’t have guys hating each other in a little tin can for a week.

      • Dave1183 says:

        I seem to recall reading somewhere, possibly The Right Stuff, that astronauts back then were taught to avoid placing their hands on their hips whenever cameras were around, but if they did do so, it should be with fingers forward, not back. Forward = somewhat masculine, backward = effeminate.

  3. Dan Hibiki says:

    Well, yeah.  Tang isn’t actually a drink astronauts took to space, it’s just a product using space travel as a marketing gimmick.

    Quite a few products tried to capitalize off of the space race and had nothing to do with NASA.

    • Itsumishi says:

      Or, from the article:

      Contrary to popular belief, Tang wasn’t actually invented by NASA. The tangy orange drink was introduced to the space agency when NASA officials were searching for a way to transport drinks into space.
      “The actual truth is (that) General Foods was making its travel drink mix and NASA thought, ‘Oh, this is how we should be flying our beverages,’” Michele Perchonok, NASA’s manager of the Space Food Systems Laboratory, told partner Robert Pearlman, editor of, in 2006. “So we purchased the already-made and commercially available product”

      So it did go to space, but it wasn’t invented by NASA.

  4. OldBrownSquirrel says:

    Tang is most useful for attaching a blade to a hilt.

  5. planettom says:

    Homer Simpson begs to differ!

  6. xzzy says:

    It definitely tastes like ass, but it’s certainly fun to have around a campfire when your parents aren’t looking and you lob a handful of the powder into the flames. 

    I’m surprised they’re still making it.. I can’t remember the last time I saw it in a store.

    • Frank Lee Scarlett says:

      Latin American markets. They also sell Tang Límon and Mango Tang. I admit, they’re guilty pleasures. But, now that I think about it,  maybe just pleasurable enough that I haven’t indulged in them since the date could be written with a 19. I think the idea was a bit more compelling than the powder.

  7. kiptw says:

    “I was the first man to pee his pants on the Moon.” —Buzz Aldrin

    We went to a book signing to see him, and by God, after he signed my book, he reached right across the table and shook my hand. THAT’S RIGHT, ONE OF THE HANDS I’M TYPING WITH RIGHT NOW!

    I have yet to hear anything from or about him that lessens my great respect for him. Tell ya what, when I hear (and may it be a long way away) of his passing, I’ll dump out the old jar of Tang that’s in my cupboard now, as a memorial.

  8. K-9 says:

    Wow. And here we only found out after her passing that Sally Ride was a fan of tang.

  9. franko says:

    great. got any more childhood impressions you want to slaughter? ASTRONAUTS DRINK TANG. it is known.

  10. LogrusZed says:

    I like Buzz a great deal but I must beg to differ with him here. I enjoy Tang as a mixer with vodka; I just substitute vodka for water and call it a Cosmonaut (I believed for a long time I invented this because it just occurred to me to make this mix and call it a “Cosmonaut”, but it appears that there are many other people to whom this was obvious, which it is).

    I also like Sunny-D mixed with vodka, specifically HRD vodka, which I call a Trailerpark Screwdriver. If you’re familliar with HRD vodka you will understand why it’s a trailerpark drink.

    • big ryan says:

      i did the exact same thing when i first started drinking and never really  told anyone about it, apparently it is super obvious

    • R4Nd4LL_b says:

      I’d be willing to bet that Buzz would have enjoyed a Cosmonaut or two or three about 20 years ago.

  11. Mark Pitcavage says:

    I presumed most astronauts aside from John Glenn were hoping to get themselves some tang.

  12. gracelovescostumesandhabaneros says:

    Now I want to eat some Space Food Sticks.

    • Thorzdad says:

       The peanut butter ones were the best-tasting, as they came the closest to actually tasting like the flavor on the package. The chocolate ones were really terrible.

  13. Robert M says:

    That voice is familiar, sounds like HAL.

  14. Tudza White II says:

    Tang from a metal canteen cup. Oh the horror!

  15. John Young didn’t like his orange juice either:

    At one point, according to the official flight transcripts, Young turned to Duke and said: “I haven’t eaten this much citrus fruit in 20 years.
    But I’ll tell you one thing, in another 12 (expletive) days, I ain’t ever eatin’ anymore.”

    Link to source

  16. niktemadur says:

    Aldrin: Tang sucks

    I’m torn about this,
    On the one hand, what a curmudgeon.
    On the other, he’s right you know.

    Joking aside, I’d love to bump into Buzz, give him a big fat high five, mention his missed opportunity – his website should have been Buzzfeed.

  17. I think that’s the same announcer that was in the Brown 25 ad from Uranus Corp.:

  18. edkedz says:

    I was already to cheer this, until I got to the line “Aldrin said he was jealous of Baumgartner’s Red Bull corporate sponsorship” because Red Bull is soooo much more disgusting-tasting than Tang.
    I mean, Tang is just sort of “meh fake orange” while Red Bull is foul swill mad from a recipe that couldn’t be nastier if it was formulated by Satan himself.

  19. Donald Petersen says:

    My family had the same can of Tang crystals slowly hardening into a single semisentient rock in one of the smaller pantry cabinets in our 1974 Tote-N-Tarry fiberglass travel trailer for upwards of a decade.  I kinda liked drinking it on our fairly rare camping trips, but these days I find Tang most useful for cleaning out hard water deposits in my dishwasher.  Works a treat for that purpose.

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