Jersey Devil or… something else?


Is this the elusive Jersey Devil as some Redditors have speculated? Perhaps it's the dreaded Chupacabras? Or a bastard cousin of the Montauk Monster? The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation claims it's just a furless squirrel. But then, that's what they'd want us to think. "Mystery Solved" (


  1. There’s a squirrel that comes around my house wearing just pants. She’d scratched off, or otherwise removed all the hair from the waist up. Looks hilarious but I haven’t seen her in weeks so I’m thinking it wasn’t a fashion choice. 

  2. Oh come on! You know what it’s like when you run out of something and can’t be bothered to dress properly when you’re just popping round the corner.

  3. All I can say is that I went from “What the hell?” to “Oh, it’s a hairless squirrel.” pretty quickly, before I even looked at the text below the image.

    Nice basis for a monster, if you are an artist who needs such a thing.

  4. Either way, I wish I could see it in motion.

    The squirrels and rabbits that hang out in our backyard are fully clothed. Bespoke even, I think.

      1.  Never. I even created a special pile of tree branches to protect the entrance to the rabbit warren. So, bespoke AND safe.

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