Thief 4, latest in legendary sneak-n-stab series, coming soon

Announced at gaming trade show E3, Thief 4 looks like a great stealth game—better than the overweight third entry, in any case. It'll be a while before we find out, though, whether it's up to the standard set by 2012's Dishonored: it's not scheduled for release until the holiday season.


  1. Obviously Stephane Roy brings some real-world experience to the game, given that he is noted as PRODUCER/THIEF and not, say, PRODUCER, “THIEF”


    – yeff

  2. No you don’t.  Plenty of good stealth games on PC.  Start with Dishonored, if for some insane reason you didn’t already.

    1. I just looked into Dishonored and it’s on sale over at Steam through the weekend for twenty bucks, so thanks for that!

    2.  Well, that would require a new freakin’ computer.

      This time around I want to put together enough ITX components/power to not have to upgrade for a while. My current computer is traveling the shoulder of the internet superhighway as if it were Jed Clampett’s truck.

      I’m still trying to find someone who would care to buy/barter 1.5k+ worth of art — and yes, I can do portraits up to 9 sq. ft.

  3. From the E3 video, this is definitely a step below Dishonored. Mechanics a bit clunky, tone is misguided (popups when you headshot someone, really?), and chases through burning bridges are are so anti-Thief it hurts. But they’ve still got till the end of the year.

  4. Never praise the day before the evening. The standard set by Thief II and its numerous fan-made missions and campaigns is rather high.

    Which leads me to hope that the moddability will be strong in this one.

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