UK Pirate Cinema is out!

The UK edition of my novel Pirate Cinema hits stores officially today! Tell your friends!

When Trent McCauley's obsession for making movies by reassembling footage from popular films causes his home s internet to be cut off, it nearly destroys his family. Shamed, Trent runs away to London. A new bill threatens to criminalize even harmless internet creativity. Things look bad, but the powers-that-be haven't entirely reckoned with the power of a gripping movie to change people's minds...

Pirate Cinema


  1. McCauley’s obsession for making movies by reassembling footage from popular films

    and the name of the film is “Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (Turkish Star Wars)”!  Congratulations, Mr Doctorow, a hearty blimey and yarrgh.

  2. Hooooooooly shit, that cover is fantastic. I’ll be honest, Cory – I held out on buying a physical copy of Pirate Cinema in the hopes that (much like China Mieville’s Pan editions) the UK cover would blow me away. The wait was not in vain.

    Seriously, though – what’s up with Britain getting the best covers for sci-fi and speculative fiction? Not that I’m jealous or anything, besides from the fact that yes, I am, but it does seem to be an odd trend. Albeit a subjective trend, I suppose.

    1. I don’t just think it’s genre stuff — it seems like almost all books get better covers over there. Much like the Critereon collection, good media covers seem more interested in design that stands on its own two legs and is thematically relevant to the subject matter, rather than the bad design American media consumers are usually stuck with, and which rarely consists of more than a lowest-common-denominator collection of “tangible things that are a part of this plot somehow.”

      1. You probably have a point, there. I guess I only assumed it was insular to sci-fi because that’s typically what I seek out in turns of “good looking” editions. Americans’ ability to settle for sub-par graphic design in media baffles me, especially when companies who are producing jaw-dropping adaptive work, like Mondo, sell out of their stock in a matter of HOURS. We love really great design, but we’re also okay with shitty design. 

    2. Oh yes, that cover looks really really good. Though that the author name dominates the book name is surprising since most covers treat them the other way around. Not that that is bad.

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