Cross stitch recreation of a page from the Walking Dead comic book

Walking Dead artist Tony Moore says: "Knowing how long it took me to draw this damn thing in pen and ink, I'm particularly honored and impressed by this painstaking Walking Dead cross-stitch!"

ion: A page from The Walking Dead incredibly recreated in cross-stitch


  1. I’m a big fan of cross-stich, and have done some myself (  My critique of this piece would be that while it is extremely impressive on a technical level, on an artistic level, the transformation from ink to stitches adds very little to the original work. It doesn’t add the essential pixelated quality that cross-stitch provides, but rather tries to match the original forms too exactly, and ends up as merely a copy.

    1. Yours are pretty great. But this piece seems like it was created with a different objective completely. The greatest artists of history spent plenty of time trying to make exact copies of extant work.

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