Facebook releases new post-NSA-Prism-leak privacy settings

Parody, obviously. 'shoop: XJ


  1. Edit: derp. A Thing. I’d thought this was just an earlier one that only had ‘share with the cia’ joke.

    But yea. IT’d be kinda nice if they rolled this out .

  2. Is there some hidden joke in the fact that this implies facebook gives you a single option that allows you to exclude the CIA, while the other three options are “NSA and CIA”?

    edit: I missed the fact that they include some other options like FBI below the line, so never mind…

  3. That would be handy.  Perhaps I could ask one of  my NSA friends to explain  my ssl problem.

  4. LOL I do not think they put the techies in listening duty. They If they were smart put the fun Social Media types!! LOL  I think Microsoft, Dell , HP , Malwarebytes,spy-bot and McAfee would have paid them to get me to stop calling.   But maybe.  Surprisingly right about when you said that eset found two Java Exploits.  Going Apple!  Better graphics for my Government friends!

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