Wired News publishes encrypted message to Edward Snowden

In the one unencrypted line of this publication, Kevin Poulsen of Wired News writes, "Don’t read this if you aren’t him.."


          1. So the Lannisters don’t know we crossed at the Twins.

            Winning every battle, but lost the war. Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

            (Oh, Hi Roose, how do you do, Ser?)

      1. He communicated using GPG with Gleen Greenwald and that documentary filmmaker, so it would be easy just to get it from one of them. They have no reason not to give it to Wired, the only use for a public key is to encrypt messages to a certain person; the whole point of a public key is that you don’t need to hide it. That’s what makes it public. 
        In fact, Wired should just publish the key and let the whole world send messages to Snowden. Why not?

  1. I’m guessing that, given what happened with Manning, Snowden is probably way too smart to trust Kevin Poulsen.

  2. TL;DR: Wired’s article is likely a trap and everything we hear about or
    from Snowden going forward might be an NSA plot to discredit him until
    he is caught or killed.


    Wired deleted (or the posters’ did) the comments that
    said it was a trap or made reference to Manning.

    I was distracted from posting a reply to one of those comments yesterday, had the article open for several hours. Disqus gives (semi) automatic updates so I saw several come in. I have found their subsequent disappearance unsettling.

    Anyway I think it might be moot. Someone has responded in kind and Wired has closed the comments.

    1) This could easily be an NSA honeypot. Either to get a point of contact to work backwards from or to glean information from the communication.
    2) The reply may very well be fake as could be the article in “South China Morning Post”.

    When I say NSA I don’t mean just the NSA, it’s just a good starting point. It sounds silly to say the US Government when I doubt the FDA has anything to do with the handling of this situation.

    The NSA has much to gain by pretending to be Snowden, specifically discrediting him. The assertion that he is in Hong Kong may not be true, and gives the NSA an opportunity to impersonate him. Until they catch him (or kill him) they want to discredit him as much as possible, what better way than to leak embarrassing documents in a treasonous manor?

    From this point forward all we can be pretty sure about is the original content came from Snowden. All later material released after that may just be a smoke screen.

    Of course down this road madness and paranoia lies.

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