Carry On X-Men

Chris Weston's poster for a notional "Carry On X-Men" has me wanting very badly to inhabit his alternate universe. He says of the film, "Despite the bawdy humour, 'Carry on X-Men' is in many ways more faithful to the source material than Bryan Singer's films. Definitely one of the best of the later 'Carry On' films."

Carry On X-Men poster (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


    1. Ditto – I can hear Kenneth Williams saying “hello” with at least eight syllables.

  1. Curious that they pinned Stan Lee’s name on it, since he had nothin’ to do with the “new” X-men pictured–that was Wein and Cockrum. 

    1. He was (still is I think) Chairman Emeritus of Marvel. As the face of Marvel he generally gets a credit on all the Marvel productions and back in the  ’70s/’80s all the comics had “Stan Lee presents…” as the tag line, so to me it seems completely correct that he would be on the poster like that

      1. You didn’t actually read the question, did you? None of those Google links seem to be called “Names of People Chris Weston’s Carry On X-Men Poster is Caricaturing”.

        Having already read the Wikipedia article, my best guess is that they’re all underpaid British comic actors who have appeared in a bunch of Carry On film. They’re probably bitingly dead-on if you’re British.

  2. So this is some weird combination of Jim Lee-era X-men and John Byrne-era X-men with Wolverine in the costume in-between both eras and this is supposed to be “in many ways more faithful to the source material than Bryan Singer’s films.”

  3. Yet another example of how Brit humor is so much more sophisticated than ours. Because, you know, the “ShamWow” guy put out all of one self-distributed made-for-public-access comedy flick. And these guys have like five hundred or something of those, dating back to the Norman Conquest. That just farts class, it does.

    Trolololololo, etc. Please, I kid.

    1. Really, you’ve got two opposite poles of British humor: the Monty Python/Fry and Laurie/Peter Cook and Dudley Moore/French and Saunders “axis”, and then this lot and Benny Hill, which makes your average Jim Varney or Rob Schneider film look sophisticated.

  4. Oh, ho ho…Lateral thinking, but… ‘Carry On Game of Thrones’!

    That series is already so camp it would be hilarious!

  5. I can see why Barbara Windsor is the only one not in a skin-tight uniform.  She’d just pop out of it in a second.

  6. Geek points for noticing he spelt ‘Hawtrey’ wrong? Or a seriously mis-spent childhood…

    Whatever, still genius, some inspired casting choices (Peter Butterworth!)

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