Carry On X-Men


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  1. thaum says:

    I can top that. Carry-On Watchmen.

  2. Timmo Warner says:

    I love this.

  3. Ramone says:

    Curious that they pinned Stan Lee’s name on it, since he had nothin’ to do with the “new” X-men pictured–that was Wein and Cockrum. 

    • James Hardy says:

      He was (still is I think) Chairman Emeritus of Marvel. As the face of Marvel he generally gets a credit on all the Marvel productions and back in the  ’70s/’80s all the comics had “Stan Lee presents…” as the tag line, so to me it seems completely correct that he would be on the poster like that

  4. L_Mariachi says:

    Are these people U.K. politicians or what?  The link doesn’t provide any clarity.


      • PhasmaFelis says:

        You didn’t actually read the question, did you? None of those Google links seem to be called “Names of People Chris Weston’s Carry On X-Men Poster is Caricaturing”.

        Having already read the Wikipedia article, my best guess is that they’re all underpaid British comic actors who have appeared in a bunch of Carry On film. They’re probably bitingly dead-on if you’re British.

  5. TiredMemeCat says:

    “No X Please, We’re British”

  6. jacklaughing says:

    So this is some weird combination of Jim Lee-era X-men and John Byrne-era X-men with Wolverine in the costume in-between both eras and this is supposed to be “in many ways more faithful to the source material than Bryan Singer’s films.”

  7. nachoproblem says:

    Yet another example of how Brit humor is so much more sophisticated than ours. Because, you know, the “ShamWow” guy put out all of one self-distributed made-for-public-access comedy flick. And these guys have like five hundred or something of those, dating back to the Norman Conquest. That just farts class, it does.

    Trolololololo, etc. Please, I kid.

    • Daneel says:

      You should see Confessions of an X-Man, with Robin Askwith as Wolverine.

    • Halloween_Jack says:

      Really, you’ve got two opposite poles of British humor: the Monty Python/Fry and Laurie/Peter Cook and Dudley Moore/French and Saunders “axis”, and then this lot and Benny Hill, which makes your average Jim Varney or Rob Schneider film look sophisticated.

  8. Gilbert Wham says:

    Why isn’t this a thing? I want this to be a thing.

  9. electricdoodle says:

    Oh, ho ho…Lateral thinking, but… ‘Carry On Game of Thrones’!

    That series is already so camp it would be hilarious!

  10. Paul Renault says:

    I can see why Barbara Windsor is the only one not in a skin-tight uniform.  She’d just pop out of it in a second.

  11. garyg2 says:

    Geek points for noticing he spelt ‘Hawtrey’ wrong? Or a seriously mis-spent childhood…

    Whatever, still genius, some inspired casting choices (Peter Butterworth!)

  12. xiguachi says:   uuoyuoyuot

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