Happy F-day!


6 Responses to “Happy F-day!”

  1. Jardine says:

    taken for a slap-up breakfast

    That’s…good? I’m going to assume that’s a good thing.

  2. SomeDude says:

    Thank you, and happy fathers’ day Cory.

  3. TacoChuck says:

    You look a lot like your dad!

  4. anansi133 says:

    I know I’m supposed to be flexible in extending father’s day wishes to those who are fathers and have fathers. I’d like to become that big one of these years. Mostly whenever I think about Father’s Day I feel numb. No pain, just an absence of feeling that others seem to have. Like a phantom limb I’ve only ever heard rumors of.

     The best thing about not having kids, is the assurance that I won’t bring into being anyone as messed up as myself.

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