Men in Toronto Mayor Rob Ford photo arrested in gang sweep


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  1. bombblastlightningwaltz says:

    Meh. I was born and hope too die in Toronto, largest city in Canada. Here we are saddled with the worst ‘Public Relations’ mayor the city(and most likely the country) has ever had to endure. He is not a fit public leader in any sense. He is a laughable clown who goes out of his way to reinforce that persona every available time he gets to open his big fat-assed mouth

    He believes he is going to win the next city election, not likely. Citizens of the city voted for this pile of Hipposhit as the next candidate at the time was not much better. The sooner he has a heart attack the better. IMHO

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  2. ludomancer says:

    I agreed with your comment until:

    The sooner he has a heart attack the better. IMHO

    Were you joking?  Probably.  It’s not a funny joke, though.  Don’t wish the man dead, wish him unemployed.

  3. searinex says:

    I agree with bombblastlightningwaltz as well, the best part is I got a ring tone off his radio show of him singing “too many hands in the cookie jar, too many hands in the cookie jar” lol

  4. Huh says:

    I’m waiting for everyone (still living) in that photo to be arrested.

  5. L_Mariachi says:

    The photo of Ford was provided by the now-unlocatable gentlemen who offered to sell the Toronto Star and Gawker a video of the mayor allegedly smoking crack.

    I know you’re reflexively trying to CYA, but there’s no reason to put “allegedly” in that sentence. The mayor allegedly smoked crack. The gentleman offered to sell a video of the mayor smoking crack. He did not offer to sell a video of the mayor allegedly smoking crack.

  6. TiredMemeCat says:

    I just hope when the bad ship Rob Ford sinks, the undertow is so huge it pulls under Harper and his crew as well.  Canada deserves so much better than these Central Casting rejects.

  7. Scazza says:

     “The mayor reportedly told his staff that he knew where the video was,
    and gave an address in a high rise in the suburb of Etobicoke (that unit
    was also raided in the sweeps), but insisted to the press that the
    video didn’t exist at all.”
    Where did you get/make this info up from?  The police already knew about the street weeks ago, and already had questioned kassim awhile back.  On top of this, many from the neighbourhood already fingered the house in the picture and recognized it and told police/reporters.  So no, the raid wasn’t carried out by Ford at all.

    Infact, why would the police, who are already under fire for the G20 shit, do anything at the behest of Ford, and get tied up in an even dirtier scandal?  The mayor has no power at all in this city, its all council, who infact HATE ford, so there is no way they would be in Fords pocket.  (see subway extension/streetcar debate)

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Looking at your profile is quite entertaining.

      • Gilbert Wham says:

        I dunno, I’m kinda depressed now…

      • Scazza says:

         Why?  Is it because I’m not a modern day hippie-douche who slurps his mocha latte grande from starbucks while typing on his Mac, updaing his blog about how the little man is being squashed by the big scary government and how the police are all evil and corrupt, and that someone, somewhere, should do something about it?  All while copy-pasting other peoples works from other blogs, and bitching about evil copyright laws, while you stream the latest Thrones episode from a pirate site?  Then bitch at how all these big businesses are only out to make money, and won’t give you a free handout because you are too busy living in your moms basement to do something about it?  Is that why its entertaining?

    • TheOven says:

      I didn’t take that the cops raided the place on Ford’s sayso. Just that they raided the house he seems to have had prior knowledge of. 

  8. what is it about suburban ontario? not only did the suburbanites of the “greater” toronto area impose the idiot ford on the city but his colleague in political corruption and incompetence in nearby mississauga is almost as bad (but to her favour, not as embarrassingly grotesque). glad to no longer live there.

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