FBI digging for Hoffa


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  1. I like to imagine that the agents doing the digging are mid-20-something pop-punk kids, blasting this Superchunk selection in their heads the whole time. 


  2. enchiladaplate says:

    Digging for Hoffa is my favorite REM album.

  3. Warren_Terra says:

    Who the heck pays for the ludicrous periodical Hoffa digs? I’m pretty sure each and every one of us could find more useful employment for everyone involved – the FBI agents could be investigating crimes from the last quarter-century, the backhoe operator could be filling potholes, etcetera. Can’t we agree that Hoffa is dead by now, and move on? Even if he wasn’t murdered during the Ford administration (and there seems little chance of that) he’d have to be a hundred years old now.

    • Just_Ok says:

      Well, they’re probably not paying union wages.

      • IronEdithKidd says:

        Yes, they are.  Do you have any idea how many local LEOs show up for these digs?

        [edit]And if the FBI is involved, you can bet any construction labor will be getting paid Davis-Bacon prevailing wages, which are generally a couple pennies off union scale.

    • Gilbert Wham says:

       However, it’s useful manual labour, that could keep G-men who would otherwise be persuading foolish young men to take part in fake ‘terror’ plots occupied. Have at it, I say. Give ‘em all a fucking spade and send ‘em to Detroit.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      If we listened to spoilsports like you, we never would have found the Lindbergh baby.

    • Brainspore says:

      On the other hand, definitively solving his murder might put away at least a couple of still-active mafiosos. 

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      This time around, the residents of Oakland County are flipping most of the bill.

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      Hate to burst your bubble, but Hell is a good hour’s drive from Lake Erie.  Fun silly fact:  if you approach Hell from the east, you have to take Darwin Rd. to get there.

  4. crenquis says:

    I have always assumed that it is a FBI initiation rite — their version of a snipe hunt…

  5. Heath Filmore says:

     Sounds credible to me, bet it’s Hoffa alright. Reminds me of the book,
    BAD LIKE JESSE JAMES, about the guy who back in the 70s ran Detroit’s
    heroin trade, plotted to rob a Brinks truck and threatened to blow up
    Detroit airport and – oh yeah, he was a fed! An ATF agent.

  6. welcomeabored says:

    Just out of curiosity, why do we want to find Jimmy Hoffa’s bones?  It’s been so long I’ve forgotten. 

    • rocketpj says:

       Because he was murdered and murder is bad, so catching the killers is usually considered a good thing.

    • redstarr says:

       And because it sends the message that no matter how old and cold a case may seem, it’s never really closed.  It tells people that you can’t murder someone and get away with it by simply outliving the initial outrage.  Even if you don’t get caught quickly, you will have to spend your entire life on the run in the shadow of the fact that law enforcement is still on the case.  You can’t just breathe easy because it’s been a while.  You can kill as a young wiseguy and end up getting arrested when you’re old and gray and spending your final years in a jail cell instead of relaxing with your grandkids. 

      It’s like Judge Isaac Parker said ” “It’s not the severity of punishment but rather the certainty of punishment that deters crime.”  We still hunt for Hoffa’s body  to help make the certainty of punishment a reality for his killers. 

      • welcomeabored says:

        Good answer, redstarr.  It’s been 38 years since he disappeared; I was wondering who was still alive to mourn, seek justice, or worry about getting caught.  This is a very cold case and Jimmy Hoffa was not a man of sterling character.  Interesting to read both of his children went into law. and used their educations in defense of unions and the working class.  They’re both in their seventies now; it would be a relief perhaps to find out what happened to dad before they too died.  But other than them and the dogged mantra of the law, who still cares?

  7. Scratcheee says:

    Actually, I’ve been following this story, and I think this time they just might find him.  The old photo of the landing gear sticking out of the surf was the kicker for me, followed more recently by the underwater photos of the man-made object.  And also the heel of that shoe and the old tin sextant case.  

    • voiceinthedistance says:

      Scratcheee, if the government decided that I needed to be followed, I’d be honored if they chose you to do the following.

  8. Xploder says:

    News today: FBI stops digging in a futile attempt to find a body.

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