Restart Project: helping people fix their broken devices

David sez, "The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise and charity aiming at changing our relationship with information technologies by empowering people to repair and reuse their electronic devices. The Restart Project's vision is one based on collaboration and creativity -- combining online knowledge sharing and cooperation with tangible activities in real life. One of the main such activity have been 'Restart Parties', community repair events, where all kinds of electronics are taken apart and repaired by owners together with volunteer repairers (Restarters). The aim is to promote increased lifespan, share repair skills and promote sustainable and informed consumption of information technologies. The Restart Project just celebrated its first birthday. In one year, it has thrown 27 Restart Parties, involving and empowering over 500 Londoners of all ages, backgrounds and groups and saving an approximate 393 kilograms of electronics from waste, which is roughly the weight of a polar bear."

the restart project | repair, don't despair! towards a better relationship with electronics (Thanks, David!)


  1. Oh noes…  Does this mean no more dumpster diving for TVs/monitors that just need a couple new capacitors?

    1. I used to work with a woman whose husband could fix anything.  We’d all just bring our broken stuff to work for her to take home to her husband.  He’d fix it and sell it, give it away or donate it to a charity store.  Everyone was happy, except perhaps Big Microwave.

      1. I’ll be moving to America next month, I think one of the things I’ll miss most about living in China will be the few people scattered around who can do that. One guy near my home fixed my oven, microwave, electric bike and anything else electrical that I brought him. He charges less than a dollar each time, and usually explains what went wrong so I know what to do next time.

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