Watch this vampire bat run like hell

Over at National Geographic, Carl Zimmer reveals the wonder of vampire bats. "Of the 1200 or so species of bats, vampire bats are among the very few that can move quickly on the ground." Watch one run in the video above. Also, Zimmer delves into a new scientific paper with the fantastic title of "Dracula's children: Molecular evolution of vampire bat venom."


  1. Oh awesome. Stupid science direct. I would love to get my hands on a copy of this article. Biochem + proteomics + immunology = win

  2. quick: kickstarter the one-for-each-arm-pogo-stick for recreational (one presumes) locomotion!

    1.  I was hoping a combination of fast flying and a short sprint would let one of these things take down a Cheetah.

  3. I’ve been telling people for years that bats can run like the dickens. Back in college we were playing frisbee in a baseball field late in the evening and we saw what I assumed at first was a rabbit or chipmunk skittering across the grass. Of course we decided to chase it which resulted in a collective pants shitting when the thing jumped a couple of feet into the air and proceeded to fly away like…well…like a bat of hell.

    Everyone I’ve related this story to since has always seemed skeptical but now I have video evidence.

  4. I’d hoped that there was a saucer of warm cow’s blood at the end of this video, and we could observe how it laps up hemoglobin. 

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