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11 Responses to “Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" played by 5 pianists on one piano, all at once”

  1. sisyphus321 says:

    You meant to load this link immediately after  the NYT article on sleep deprivation, right?

  2. thomas says:

    anyone else sick of hearing/reading about this song?

    • Commodore_Schmidlapp says:

      Not me. I’m not dead inside.

    • Ed Mar says:

       When I’m listening to music with my nieces, it’s either this or Justin Bieber…..

    • Jambe says:

      * kids these days
      * they don’t make music like they used to
      * they talk about things nonstop
      * there’s lots of media
      * I see lots of that media
      * I get fatigued by seeing so much media
      * I turn grumpy from the fatigue
      * I post on the internet
      * I get mocked for it

      • thomas says:

        I don’t hate new music. I don’t even hate this song. I’m just sick of it. Don’t generalize people: it makes you look foolish.

        • Jambe says:

          Who said you hated new music? You’re not even addressing me; you’ve invented somebody you want to argue with and you’re addressing that randomized, irrelevant argument to me. I won’t speculate as to why you’re doing that, but that’s not how persuasive conversation works.

          My comment was mocking you for vacuously complaining about the the popularity of pop(ular) music. You didn’t contribute anything other than to say “NO!” like a toddler who doesn’t want that piece of broccoli because she already ate two pieces and if she eats any more she will surely explode. Well guess what? Maybe other people haven’t had their fill yet, or maybe they haven’t even had their first bite.I’m tired of this blood blister on the first digit of my ring finger; it’s really bothersome, you know? I wish it would go away. Alas, nobody gives a shit, and I don’t expect them to, so I don’t bring it up in situations that don’t involve the banal annoyance of minor cutaneous injuries. Nobody cares that I’m sick and tired of this gorram bloody papule, and nobody cares that you’re sick of *insert instance of popular media here*.Now, if you had bothered to critique this piece or the performance in question? To make a wry joke or observation about it? To compare it thoughtfully to other things and perhaps explain why they are better or more worthy of attention? Well, if you did anything like that, then people like me would probably salute you for whatever insight, pith, humor or poignancy you conveyed. Instead, you just smeared poop on the screen and (apparently) expected people not to mock you for having done so.

          I think you can do better than that.
          I hope you do better than that.
          I love you, fellow humanoid.

          • thomas says:

            oh boy. I hope you feel better after that one.

          • Jambe says:

            I don’t hate new people. I don’t even hate you. I’m just sick of empty “I’ve seen this before x_times” comments. Don’t stroll into the joint merely to proclaim how tired you are of pop media: it makes you look like an obnoxious novelty-obsessed hipster (as opposed to an interesting or thoughtful novelty-obsessed hipster).


  3. I don’t care if it is the same song remixed for the 100th time, i just can’t get annoyed for this, I love this song.