Escaping python

I'm delighted by this video of a pet python, titled "Julius Escaping." This lovely creature passed on last year. RIP, Julius.


  1. am i the only one who saw the headline and thought it would be about escaping the evil grip of the python programming language?

  2. Well, my hiding in the bathroom from a giant snake nightmares just got a little more interesting.

  3. In Stephen King’s “The Stand”, he describes a sickened monkey falling from his perch and hitting “the cement with a final horrid smack”.  That’s how I would describe the sound of that snake hitting the ground.

    1. I don’t know much about snakes, but it looks like her body hit the ground all at once, so maybe the impact was spread out enough not to hurt? But I’m surprised she didn’t, or couldn’t, sort of roll her body down from its pivot point on the floor. Anyway, the description says she did this a lot, so she must have known what she was in for.

      1. It looks like she was leaning on the door when it gave way. While they can kind of hold their heads up some times like a periscope, they aren’t that great at going upwards generally unless there is something to support them, so having the door move rapidly probably happened faster than the snake could react to. Also they use contractions to move so if she was relaxed against the door when it opened (as it appears) there would be no way for her to spring upward.

  4. I spent all of this morning watching videos of Julius. Such an incredibly beautiful snake.

  5. Julius’ human is a regular commenter over at Daily of the Day.  She said the snake did this regularly enough that they always kept the front door locked.  I expect she’ll be delighted to discover her video is making the rounds beyond her usual stomping grounds.

  6. Knobs > Handles. 
    If you want to survive when velociraptors and giant snakes are wandering into your neighbors’ homes with impunity, you’ll remember that simple rule. 

    1. On the updated Vimeo Page Jenner claims that Julius was able to open both handles and knobs.  There is no safe place.  This snake will not be denied access.

        1. This snake is an Albino Burmese Python and thus would not have fangs. They are constrictors so they use their body to hold food tightly and then use their backwards curving teeth and muscles to eat. :) 

          1. Ah, thanks for the correction.  I suppose he’ll have to use the tip of his tail to pick the lock, then.

  7. I’m so sad to hear Julius died! 
    I’d been following her channel off and on for a while. I particularly enjoyed the one where they let Julius out when someone was sleeping next to the enclosure on the floor…

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