Vintage nightmare teeth

You know what you missed? You missed the chance to buy this amazing set of vintage derpface choppers ("Authentic original used dental school teaching device."), which sold on eBay for $400.

Dental mannequin steampunk old device vintage dentiform head face teeth antique (via JWZ)


  1. Looks like the sort of thing someone might try to bring to life with some combination of 3D-printed actuators and an Arduino.

    1.  They’d most likely bring one out with sad-looking eyes and a reluctant expression before one with teeth. Horribly, I predict it’d sell like fucking hot-cakes. Who wrote that SF short set in a high-school where a teacher confiscates what is basically a living fleshlight that had become insanely popular because it screamed when used?

  2. Well, still not as bad as that nightmare fish with WAY too many human-like teeth! What was it called again?

  3. That is just begging to be attached to something just as nasty and immortalized as the next horror franchise.

  4. You know what I missed? The expression on my Mother-In-Law’s face when I told her how much I paid for those creepy choppers”

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