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6 Responses to “Wireless restoration of sight to the blind (rats)”

  1. nuschu says:

    I was hoping to see rats with glasses on

  2. Brainspore says:

    Perhaps one day this technology could be used to help blind mice. Granted, they’ll also need prosthetic tails after that unfortunate incident regarding the farmer’s wife.

    • Felton / Moderator says:

      Some may also need hearing aids, having been deafened after running up the clock.

      • miasm says:

        The club footed variety, hobbled by their clogs, also known for hiding, where? There! Under the stairs.

  3. Mat Linnett says:

    I’m always keen to read these developments as my right eye was badly damaged in an attack 7 years ago.
    That and having been a teenager obsessed with William Gibson, Shadowrun and Cyberpunk, there’s a part of me that yearns to become “more than human”. The “ICK! SURGERY!” side of me almost overpowers that mind you. Almost.

    Oh, and the REAL question that EVERYONE wants to know the answer to: will this let me look round corners by holding the camera?
    Cyber periscope for the win.

    • miasm says:

      I feel for you Mat.
      I got lucky and my eye healed fairly well but I’ve met a good few people who were also attacked and now have sight difficulties. Usually in the left eye, where the assailant punched.

      I’ve also learned that there is a routine, passed around by violent assholes, seemingly the world over, that includes deliberately going for the eyes as they are an easy target for lasting damage.

      Here’s hoping for a well designed and upgradeable bionic eye in the next decade or so.