Flying bicycle


The XploreAir Paravelo is a flying bicycle. The front is a collapsible bike that docks with a trailer containing a flexible wing and a biofuel-powered fan with an electric starter motor. In the air, it apparently operates like a powered paraglider. The two inventors have a Kickstarter running to develop a commercial model they hope will sell for $16,000. More info at CNN. You can watch a video of it flying below.


  1. Biofuel, one of the greatest environmental con-jobs perpetrated on the world. Indonesia is burning down their forests for palm oil. The US is clear-cutting theirs for woodchips to burn overseas. Growing things for energy is the least efficient (in terms of net energy per hectare per year) form of solar farming there is. Solar arrays in sunny dry places? That has potential.

    Biofuel = greenwash.

    I should add that there is zero innovation in this project. They should be embarrassed to take people’s money. Seriously.

    1. fair ’nuff.  where’s your flying bicycle for us to make constructive criticism …of?

    2. I think biofuels of all sorts have a place, just not in the mainstream commercial market that’s for sure.  Biofuel production for agriculture using their waste is a great way to recoup some of the money and energy input, but growing corn to turn into fuel for cars is idiotic.

    3. Do you have a better idea for how to recycle the billions of gallons of spent cooking oil thrown out every year?

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          2.  oh, the reply to this comment by Tshock.  it is the thing of accidental comedy sketch gold.

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        1. Can you explain this comment? As an Irish person, its offensive, and fail to see what relevance it has here?

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  2. The only thing about this project that irks me, is so many times hearing “it is the first flying bike” etc. etc. and it isn’t. The Flyke is another powered paraglider mounted on a bicycle frame that already aimed to achieve everything this project is trying to do, short of the alternative fuel, that has been around for years.

  3. Looks dicey with only one arm attached to the bike’s seat post. Any one bolt/nut vibrating loose in flight could spell disaster. Perhaps powering it with 180 proof corn moonshine would be more appropriate in terms of feasibility and economics then Biofuel, but it might be abused by those suffering from Homeritis.

    Now if pedal power actually made it fly…. woohoo.

    1.  I rather imagine that there’s a deal of reconfiguration to do before that there contraption takes to the air, mind.

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      The Flyke is another powered paraglider mounted on a cycle frame, that
      has been around for years, that already aims to achieve everything this
      project is trying to do, short of the alternative fuel, that has been
      around for years.

    1. Exactly! Even – especially – as a child I never understood why people would pine for flying cars. I always imagined people crashing into buildings, my building, my room…time to go look out the window again!

  4. It’s a great design, though I question the practicality of getting to an airfield via bicycle – seems like taking such a wide, slow vehicle down the road would cause a lot of traffic problems. But I do see the advantage of being able to bike around whenever you get to the destination, and I love the idea of doing a camping trip with it. Maybe even a cross-country excursion.

    1. There was a Transformer that turned from a bicycle into a broomstick in The Wizard of Oz.

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