Man arrested for throwing spear at car

NewImageThis gentleman is Jeffrey Allen Jones, 56, who was arrested in Sacramento this week for assault with a deadly weapon. He allegedly thew a spear at a passing car. (Sacramento Bee)


  1. oh come’on! at least tell us whether the car was white (perhaps even a peculiar snow-white with wrinkled forehead)

  2. I think for most people, if you pose like that for a mug shot, they make you do it over. But in his case I’m guessing they have enough photos on file already that they didn’t bother.

    1. This was my thought too.  He spends several minutes laboriously running up the hill, throws the spear at the car, and then a group of police rush in and begin wrestling him to the ground.  Just before he disappears completely under the pile of police, he manages to blurt out  “It’s…”

  3. I feel sorry for the judge and jury, who’ll have to listen to him describing the benefits of his “special” paleo diet.

  4. What are the odds it was actually a walking stick but the police and/or media are hyping it up? (And is Boing Boing feeding into the hype?)

    1. The spear struck the front fender, becoming lodged in the vehicle, according to a police activity log.

    1. I find this interesting. And fortunately for me, that’s the only filter I need to have when deciding whether to post something or not.

      1.  Do you really mean this? How many truly insane people do you spend time with?  have you seen the hurt caused by mental illness up close?

        Many things and people are “interesting”, but posting pictures of people who are ill and offering them up for viewing is not interesting imho. It’s voyeurism and taking advantage from a very privileged position.

        1. Everyone has a particular sensitivity, and like it or not, those sensitivities will be rubbed raw now and then in the normal course of daily living. I have my own, and I try (a) to remember that they’re not shared by everyone else, and (b) to not let them prompt me to criticize others’ right to speak what’s on their mind. I’m not always successful, but I try.

          I’ve been guilty of offending others’ sensibilities (mostly through stupidity), and I’d like to avoid castigating others for doing what I’ve done.

          All that being said, the guy in the photo looks really funny.

        2.  I don’t want to hijack this thread so this will be my last post on the subject. Yes, I have. Three of my relatives were institutionalized and I was abused my an insane mother.

        3. I have nothing but empathy for this man.  I may be wrong, but he looks like he suffers from so sort of mental issue/s.  Being the mother of an adult mentally handicapped son this sort of display by the citizens that will surround him when I am someday gone terrifies me.   It’s not hard to be kind, have sympathy, or act out in a positive manner, but so many people on the internet choose the opposite.  I just refuse to accept that they really believe the hatred they spew online.

        4. Basically every news organisation has a section of their site that has news of exactly this nature:

          I think you have disproved your own comment with your own comment. You asked CLamb if he really meant that the actions of sane people aren’t interesting and then said that many people and things are interesting. So yes… the actions of insane people can be interesting.

          We’re not going ‘haha look at that loon’, we’re saying ‘ha! thats a pretty awesome mugshot’. We’re not laughing at him or his suffering we’re laughing at the strangeness of his crime and then some are reacting that the craziness of his mugshot is a perfect match with the craziness of his crime.

          If you want to run a guilt trip on us then focus on the bit where society failed: getting this guy appropriate help before he ended up throwing spears at cars. Even then I’m not sure it’s justified because even if you give some people the help they need they will still end up doing stuff like this.

          FWIW I have spent a bit of time with “truly insane” people in hospitals and rehab centers (I was visiting friends but IMO we’re all just a bad week away from ending up there) and apart from a creeping but vaguely justified concern for physical safety I would have to say that insane people trump sane people by FAR in interestingness levels.

    2. The benefit for me is that it plants seeds in the old noggin that will hopefully come to fruition after my inevitable slide into madness.  (thus creating more content for BB — wash; rinse; repeat)

  5. Take your pick:
    “Yeah, there were horses and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident.”
    “Milk was a bad choice.”

  6. At first I thought this was just another California legislator, gearing up for yet another budget battle, but no, it’s Jeffrey “Jefe” Jones, trying to take down one of those “big, shiny mammoths with the thick skin.”

  7. I know that complaining about free ice cream is indicative of some sort of issue. @et50

  8. We have some homeless Geico spokesmen skulking on street corners and under bridges… it looked like Jeff bridges, but I couldn’t be sure.

  9. Aw, c’mon, you mean you don’t recognize one of the main caricatures from M*A*S*H movie and TV?

  10. This gentleman

    Gentleman? I think the term presupposes an absence of a predilection for randomly chucking spears around.

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