Phase-shifted torsos and impossibly acrobatic legs: the black-and-white tights dance


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  1. pjcamp says:

    I saw this about a year ago. It’s freaky.

  2. Jake0748 says:

    Most fun I’ve had all day. Thanks, Cory.  :D

  3. TWX says:

    It’s amazing how just about the simplest steps look completely bizarre when going Cheron-native on us…

    • Brainspore says:

      It’s nice to see that the two warring races of that planet put aside their differences for the sake of dance.

  4. geessebeschleier says:

    That bunch would have ended up on a stake a few hundred years ago … and that German zydeco as a background music … first time i ever heard that

  5. big ryan says:


  6. fidel_funk says:

    Good clean german family entertainment!

  7. Kenmrph says:

    I used to date the two women on the left. She was pretty cool.

  8. vrplumber says:

    The most fun you can have with Oreos.

  9. Logolepsy says:

    It’s from Kazakhstan. Better quality video:

  10. zotlerg says:

    Right, that’s it! I need to get off the Internet, it’s clearly frying everybody’s brains. I’m sorry, but shoot, why is this good?

    • NelC says:

      It’s an optical illusion, animated. Like most such things, there will be a minority for whom it doesn’t work due to quirks in brain or visual system organisation. Don’t worry about it, I’m sure you can find a corner of the Internet where the unhappy mutants dwell.

      • zotlerg says:

        No it isn’t. It’s not entertaining, but that’s because I see a bunch creepy looking women walking backwards and forwards slowing waggling their legs about a bit! It’s a real BoingBoing barrel scraper. ;)

    • OliveGreenapple says:

      Heh… I kind of get you. To me it’s cute, and I see the way it works… but for some reason I have no trouble seeing which leg belongs to who, probably because I keep noticing the split in color up the costume. But it doesn’t confuse me much as it’s clear which leg belongs to who. 

      I’m way more freaked out by the music.

  11. invictus says:

    Random question (since I got the error on this post): Has anyone else been told “the site has blocked you from making comments?” A refresh solved it, so I’m assuming Disqus screw up — do try to look surprised — but if there’s something I can do to prevent it in the future, I’d love to know.

    • Gemma says:

       I had that the other day too. It disappeared when I logged in. Perhaps “you must be logged in to post” would be friendlier?

      • invictus says:

        Except that the same error message seems to have prevented any and all login links from appearing. At least it did in my case. (as above, solved upon refresh)

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      You should only get that message if you are indeed blocked.  But Disqus glitches frequently.

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