Serving Coke in ice-bottles

Ogilvy Colombia did a promotion for Coca-Cola wherein they dispensed The Black Waters of American Imperialism in rather appealing little bottles made of ice. I'm fond of ice shot-glasses full of vodka -- similar principle.

Ice marketing is hot (and eco-friendly) (via Neatorama)


    1.  They slipped on a band of something that looked insulating, though it also seemed slightly too narrow for comfort. :)

  1. The ice bottles were nice and all, but then I clicked over to one of the recommended videos after it… 

    Yes, yes, corporate greed, imperialism, Coca Cola evil, all that. But this ad is brilliant and the idea of getting people in two countries that don’t speak to each other to play with one another via a soda pop dispenser is pure genius. 

      1.  Did that ever get posted on BB? I submitted it a while back.
        With no results. Maybe it was a repeat?

        Try submitting it again…I thought it was pretty cool.

    1. I think some readers to this blog need to read a book by Mark Thomas called “Belching out the devil”

  2. “eco-friendly”: I wonder what uses more resources: recycled plastic bottles, or the electricity required to make ice?

    1.  Despite the power requirements  and blue sky math;  humans litter…and plastic bottles and cups are often not recycled and tossed in the ‘land fill trash’ by humans. And end up in land fill or floating on the ocean after dumping.

      This isn’t say this ‘bottle’ is a good idea for ever situation.  But for beaches, I’d say yes…much better than cups and bottles. It appears the bottle is filled at the point of sell much like a soda cup would be.

  3. Considering the number of people who don’t have access to clean drinking water, the concept of soda containers made of ice makes me kind of uncomfortable.

      1. I’d prefer the Coca-Cola company not waste even more potable water by making containers out of it for sugary beverages.  I might also mention that the additional energy required to keep frozen bottles frozen in transit seems wasteful.

        1. Then again – in regions with enough drinking water, freezing a temporary container on site doesn’t seem like a bad way to reduce litter.

          1. It seems like a trade-off: less litter, but some energy spent to freeze the bottle. We can’t tell if sustainable energy sources were used or fossil fuels, although the same could be said for the process of making standard bottles. It’s just not as easy to show that something is “eco-friendly” as companies like this would have us believe.

    1. Well, sure, but if they weren’t drinking the Coke from bottles made of ice, wouldn’t they possibly be drinking it from cups filled with, you know, ice? Or at least from glass bottles that had been kept refrigerated for who knows how long.

  4. Where are all the Coke snobs saying that ice dilutes the musky-peaty-syrupiness of the beverage, and that one should only either drink it neat, or add just a drop of water to release the aroma?

    1. Pepsi really does taste better but the tolerance for temperature variations is paper thin.
      Coke tastes better in a wider envelope but if you can cool your cola to the correct temperature, Pepsi wins hands down.
      Now, if you really perfect it, you can get the soda to freeze as it carbonates whilst you pour it.
      THIS, this is the correct temperature to serve your ‘Coke’ at.

  5. Looks like those bottles hold significantly less Coke than a standard 12 oz bottle, too–a couple good swigs, at best. 

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